LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- When Andre Villeroy created Beyorch (Beyork), he specifically had hardworking Americans in mind.

"I spent the beginning of my life in business pursuing money and this time I wanted to pursue something that would help others obtain money and level the playing field for every-day people and every-day business owners," Villeroy said.

Beyorch offers a private stock exchange for average Americans looking to invest and a capital raising opportunity for businesses looking to raise $60 to $500 million. The company allows anyone with $1,000 or more the opportunity to invest in an arena that had been traditionally set aside for those with upwards of $200,000 or more, according to Villeroy, 37, who is the CEO of Beyorch.

On the other side of the fast-growing business is the opportunity for business owners to raise capital without forgoing any of their equity and instead paying a set fee.

Villeroy, who was raised in a lower-income family in Vallejo, CA, remembers his first attempt at building a business at 24 years old when he started his own real estate investment company, which made him a millionaire at a young age, but ultimately failed.

"I found out I was horrible at managing money and I knew I had to learn," Villeroy said. "I turned to reading books and studying about success and finance. I also surrounded myself with mentors who had already succeeded."

Villeroy, a husband and father, was forced to return to his job in a refinery to make ends meet and to work to build enough revenue to once again attempt to build an investment company which was then successful and he was once again a millionaire before the age of 30.

"I know what it is like to struggle to try to support your family," Villeroy said. "I wanted to start something that would make it easier for middle-class families to grow their wealth and that is why I created Beyorch," he added. "I want people to know they can make money so folks can say goodbye to applying for loans."


Beyorch, which is located in downtown Los Angeles in the Financial District, allows investors to receive 8 to 20 percent monthly dividends on their investments.

"Beyorch is for average people who want a chance at investing in an arena usually set aside for the rich," Villeroy said. "I believe in my heart that I was created to help people make money."

Businesses looking to raise capital can do so with one of Beyorch's three-tier plans: https://beyorch.com/pioneering-markets/

The Business Tier is for businesses looking to raise $60 million over three years.

The Enterprise Tier is for businesses looking to raise $150 million over three years.

The Fortune 1 Tier is for businesses looking to raise $500 million over three years.

"Beyorch is a win-win for investors and for businesses," Villeroy said. "We walk them through each of the processes and make sure they thoroughly understand."

To contact a Beyorch representative click the following link https://beyorch.com/contact-us/

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