The Depot off Main

For a good mix of the industrial and rustic for your wedding, the Depot Off Main in Dothan is the first place you should look when scouting out wedding venues.

The Depot Off Main is located in a 100-year-old train depot in downtown Dothan near the Dothan Civic Center. The facility has been extensively restored, but retains the look of an early 20th century train depot.

David Parker, owner of the Depot Off Main, said he originally intended to rent the facility out to photographers to use as studio space, but after that plan fell through he shifted focus to develop the Depot Off Main as a venue for weddings and other special events. Parker began renting the Depot Off Main as a wedding venue around 2008.

Parker said that according to his research, the depot was built in 1903 and was originally owned by the Central Georgia Railroad.

One of the great selling points of the Depot Off Main is the living history in the facility, Parker said. Historic Dothan business names are written on the walls of the facility, marking spaces where freight intended for those businesses was stored.

The Depot does not offer catering, so you’ll need to hire your own service. The Depot Off Main takes a largely hands-off approach to events, allowing clients to set up their event as they like, Parker said.

“When you’re at the Depot, you feel like you’re at home,” Parker said. “We always want our clients to feel like they’re at home.”

The Depot Off Main can accommodate about 200 guests in two rooms. The facility hosts about 40 to 60 weddings per year.

The facility’s unique look makes it conducive to memorable wedding photography. Industrial chic has become an increasingly popular trend among wedding venues in recent years, as they provide a historic atmosphere for events. Old industrial facilities like the Depot Off Main also benefit from their size and layout, as large facilities with lots of open space work well for weddings and other events.

“It’s a mix between the rustic and industrial look,” Parker said.

On the technical side of things, the Depot Off Main has a professional sound system, including microphone and projector, available for rent. Wi-Fi is also available at the venue. The Depot Off Main has two service packages available for rent at its website.

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