Disc golf tournament to benefit Wiregrass Area Food Bank

Arthur Steadman launches his tee shot while playing disc golf with friends at the disc golf course in Taylor in April 2019.

Disc golfers of all ages can put their throwing skills to work Saturday for a good cause.

The Wiregrass Disc Golf Club will host the Ice Bowl Disc Golf Tournament at the Taylor disc golf course near Taylor City Hall and the town’s senior center on State Highway 605. Proceeds will benefit the Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

Josh Jeffcoat, the tournament director and a member of the club, said the tournament raises money for a good cause while promoting the sport of disc golf.

“The good thing about disc golf is it’s low impact,” he said. “It’s not a lot of strenuous physical activity, so you can get kids as young as 5 all the way up to older people; in some tournaments, you’ll have divisions where you’ll have people all the way up to their 60s playing. It’s an all-ages sport. This kind of event, anyone could play.”

While online registration is open until the end of the day Friday at discgolf scene.com, walk-up registration can be done from 9-9:30 a.m. Saturday. Entry fee is $20.

A player meeting will be held after registration. Tee-off should begin around 10 a.m., Jeffcoat said.

Ice Bowl is a national disc golf event that started in the Midwest and was adopted by other disc golf clubs. The tradition is for clubs to choose a charity in their community and host a disc golf tournament as a fundraiser.

This is the first year the Wiregrass Disc Golf Club has hosted an Ice Bowl tournament. There will be morning and afternoon rounds with a lunch break in between.

“As is tradition with Ice Bowls, it’s custom we all gather around and eat chili and fellowship,” Jeffcoat said.

The tournament will begin with a round of single play, with the best stroke used as a player’s score. In the afternoon, results from Round One will be used to pair players for a doubles round. Jeffcoat said higher-scoring players will be teamed with lower-scoring players for the doubles round. The best shot between the two players will determine the scores in the doubles round.

Along with the tournament, a charity auction will be held at lunch featuring discs and other donated equipment with proceeds going to the food bank. A putting “pyramid” of disc golf baskets will be set up for players to test their putting skills. For $2 a throw, you also can do a Speed Gun Challenge to clock the speed of your disc throw.

“It will be a good day of play and getting a good, hearty lunch of chili,” Jeffcoat said. “This is definitely a fun event, so if you’ve never played, this is a good event to get plugged in and give it a try. Or, you can just see what it’s about.”

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