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After the Better Business Bureau issued an alert on Ozark business Frogs and Frills Boutique, its owner Haley Stevens said she has implemented several changes to reduce concerns.

The BBB of Central and South Alabama has received more than 280 complaints via its website about the online enterprise since 2013. While Stevens said she handled the concerns launched in each complaint – usually regarding delays in shipping or wrong goods shipped – she failed to formally address them on the BBB’s website, leading the organization to issue her business an “F” rating.

Stevens said she spent several hours formally addressing each complaint, and the BBB currently has issued no rating for the business.

Elsewhere Stevens said she has initiated several steps to reduce the source of complaints – including increasing her staff from five to eight people. A ninth person will join the business in two weeks.

“Last week, we cut the open orders in half,” she said, adding the business could soon send items at times when they reach customers before the delivery dates.

Additionally Stevens has increased work hours and adjusted her business model.

For years, everything Frogs and Frills produced was monogrammed. Now Stevens plans on keeping several items in stock that can be shipped within a few days while maintaining a small selection of items that her business will monogram.

Stevens said she has also tweaked some warehousing and packaging processes in an effort to reduce delivery times. Most items had carried a delivery time of 16 business days, and customers’ misunderstanding of the timeframe may have led to some of the complaints.

“At the same time, we’re taking responsibility since some of the orders were late,” she said.

Stevens has operated Frogs and Frills since 2011, and the business often registered about 200 orders per month. A new product offering last year caused the number of orders to drastically change, sometimes reaching a 1,000 during the overnight hours, she added.

While the number of complaints registered was high, Stevens said they represent only a small percentage of the number of orders her business processes. To date, her business has handled more than 19,000 orders this year, she added.

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