2018 peanut harvest


Joel Outlaw with Outlaw Farms of Hartford harvests peanuts near Hartford.

Peanut harvesting will be in full swing within the next couple of weeks, and farmers hope for a bountiful harvest.

“Thankfully, our area did not receive any damage from the Tropical Storm Gordon,” said Alabama Peanut Producers Federation Caleb Bristow. “However, our neighbors in southwest Alabama are still dealing with the wet fields. What our farmers need now is normal rain.”

In order to have a good yield, not only do farmers need to be able to get into fields, but they also must be able to retrieve their crops, Bristow said.

“If the ground is too hard, farmers can’t turn up the peanuts,” Bristow said. “If the ground is too wet, farmers can’t get their equipment in the fields to harvest the crop. There is just a lot of hoping and waiting that will take place throughout the upcoming harvest season.”

A few farmers have started to harvest in the Wiregrass area, and the early crop looks promising, Bristow said.

“If the weather continues on its current path, our farmers will have a bountiful harvest,” Bristow said. “Our farmers need to have a bountiful crop to benefit with the low contract prices. What we don’t need is too much rain or wind to damage to the crop.”

All-in-all, the peanut crop looks very good for southeast Alabama farmers, Bristow said.

Many farmers will wrap up their peanut harvest season during the month of November, depending on when their crop was planted.

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