Court: Former nonprofit director plans to plead guilty to theft charges

Susan Trawick

Just days before a preliminary hearing, the state’s attorney has filed an information plea with the court that the former executive director for the Dothan-Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership plans to enter a guilty plea in a theft case related to her role as a treasurer of a local homeowners association.

According to court records, Susan Thompson Trawick is accused of stealing more than $16,000 when she served as treasurer of Hidden Lake Home Owner’s Association.

Court documents filed earlier this week show state’s attorney J.T. Jones filed an information plea stating Trawick’s desire to plead guilty on a charge of first-degree theft of property.

According to the court document, the state believes that between Sept. 7, 2018 and Aug. 9, 2019, Trawick knowingly obtain unauthorized control over property with intent to deprive the Hidden Lake Home Owner’s Association of $16,829. Police believe Trawick used the association’s debit card to make personal online and retail purchases.

Trawick’s preliminary hearing was scheduled for Friday.

Trawick was arrested on Aug. 21 and charged with first-degree theft of property.

Following her arrest, Trawick was put on a leave of absence from her partnership position, and Judy Guiler was appointed interim director.

By making her plea, Trawick may qualify for the pre-trial diversion program.  

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