Attorneys for capital murder defendant Coley McCraney claim another inmate has been placed in McCraney’s cell to dig for information that may be helpful to police.

Defense attorneys David Harrison and Andrew Scarborough have filed a motion in Dale County Circuit Court, asking a judge to separate the inmates.

According to the motion, the attorneys allege police have placed inmate Emanuel Gissendanner in McCraney’s cell purposely to gain information. Gissendanner was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in 2004 for the 2001 killing of Margaret Snellgrove during a robbery and kidnapping. The Alabama Supreme Court in January ordered a new trial for Gissendanner on grounds his defense team did not properly prepare for trial and the guilt phase of his case.

Gissendanner’s case could be heard next week. Attorneys for McCraney have asked that Gissendanner be removed from the cell. The motion does not cite any legal precedent. The motion does not allege any inducements were offered to Gissendanner, who faces either life in prison without parole or death if convicted again at trial.

“Inmate Gissendanner has been sentenced to death and has the ultimate reason to assist law enforcement, and in the interest of justice, the two inmates should be separated,” the motion states.

Prosecutors have not yet responded to the motion.

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