Charles Thomas Simmer

Charles Thomas Simmer

A former Dothan police officer faces more identity theft charges after his recent arrest by Dothan police investigators.

Dothan Police Investigator Erik Broten confirmed police officers arrested Charles Thomas Simmer, 28, of Coffee Springs, over the weekend and charged him with two felony counts of identity theft.

Dothan police investigators arrested Simmer earlier this year and charged him with 18 other identity theft-related charges. Simmer now faces a total of 20 felony charges, which include 15 counts of identity theft, four counts of fraudulent use of a credit card and a single count of trafficking in stolen identities.

Broten said the two new charges were the result of two more victims coming forward as part of their identity theft investigation. Police now consider their investigation complete.

“He was in the military and he obtained some information on the people he was deployed with, and he used that info to open up accounts,” Broten said.

Broten said their investigation showed Simmer allegedly used the stolen identifying information to open credit cards and then allegedly made fraudulent purchases with the credit cards.

“He claimed to be a victim himself, and the bank did their own investigation and informed us he was possibly the suspect,” Broten said of how police first started their investigation. “He claimed someone opened up an account in his name, but it turned out it was an account he actually opened up.”

Simmer was a Dothan police officer at the time of his initial arrest on March 3, when he was charged with four counts of fraudulent use of a credit card and four counts of identity theft. He subsequently resigned. Simmer had been on the force less than a year when he resigned and Chief Steve Parrish said Simmer had been a solo officer for about a month at the time of his arrest.

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