Houston County High School threat deemed not credible; law enforcement presence increased

A verbal threat Monday toward Houston County High School in Columbia has been deemed not credible by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a post on the Houston County Superintendent of Education David Sewell’s Facebook page, the threat was deemed not credible Monday night.

Extra law enforcement were placed at the school Tuesday as a safety measure by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.

“As soon as we were notified, an investigation began into the alleged verbal threat made towards the school,” said Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza. “Investigators worked until 10 p.m. last night, and after speaking with the individual who allegedly made the threat, the threat has been deemed not credible.”

Necessary precaution

According to Valenza, the need for increased law enforcement is out of precaution.

“Who’s to say there will not be a copycat after this threat was deemed not credible,” he said. “That is why we always have extra law enforcement at a school after any threat is received. It is to make sure our students and staff at every school remains safe.”

He urged anyone who hears or sees a threat being made towards any school to contact law enforcement right away.

“It is always best, when a threat is made toward a school or any entity for that matter, law enforcement is contacted immediately,” he said. “The sooner law enforcement is made aware of any threat, the sooner we can handle the situation.

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