Houston County Probate Office combats COVID-19 by spotlighting online renewals

The Houston County Probate Office is taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of the community and county employees during the coronavirus outbreak.

Although the probate office remains open at this time, officials remind all residents that tags can be renewed online and by mail.

Probate Judge Patrick Davenport provided the following information to renew tags online and by mail:

Online renewals» To renew your auto tag online, each renewal will need a record number.

The record number can be found on the renewal notice.

If a resident hasn’t received a renewal, a record number can be obtained by calling 256-275-4042.

» After obtaining a record number, visit the Houston County website by visiting www.houstoncountyprobate.org. Click on the pay online tab on the right and then renew your tag.

Mail renewals» Mail your tag renewal in with the renewal form and payment

Davenport said Houston County motorists, driver’s license renewals can be performed online once every eight years as long as there are no changes.

To renew online, visit www.houstoncountyprobate.org.

Click on the pay online tab on the right and then renew driver’s license.

Davenport said all in-person court proceedings through April 16, with the exception of procedures related to emergency mental health orders, proceedings related to protection of the elderly or vulnerable persons, time sensitive matters and matters that can be handled without undue health risks, are canceled until further notice.

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