A Houston County judge dismissed murder charges against a Dothan man after prosecution witnesses failed to show up for trial.

Brandon Allen Ransom, 31, was charged with murder in the July 30, 2016, ambush shooting of 26-year-old Christopher “Chris” Bailey. His trial was scheduled to begin last week. However, all the state witnesses did not cooperate by attending the trial, and the charge was dismissed by Judge Michael Conway.

Defense Attorney John Steensland III stated he believes the state will try to locate the witnesses in hopes of presenting the case once again before a grand jury.

“If the state requests this case go back before a grand jury for indictment, we will continue to represent Mr. Ransom,” Steensland said.

Court records state Dothan Police Investigator Jared Bladen previously testified during Ransom’s bail hearing how police had two eyewitnesses who identified Ransom as the shooter in an “unprovoked ambush attack” outside a local nightclub that left another man dead.

Bladen testified how Ransom fatally shot Bailey during an ambush as he walked back to his car outside the Plum’s Lounge nightclub located on Montgomery Highway. He said police responded to what was initially reported as a critical firearm assault outside the nightclub during the early morning hours of Saturday, July 30, 2016. After police arrived, the victim was found dead in the parking lot.

Bladen said the victim suffered seven gunshot wounds during the shooting, including one to the head, two to the back, two more to the chest, and another to the arm and leg.

Steensland said his client is a disabled veteran of the U.S. military.

“It’s my understanding he’s 100 percent disabled, and diagnosed with PTSD,” Steensland said. “I believe he served a 15-month tour in Iraq, and served approximately eight years in the Army.”

Ransom surrendered to police after being charged with murder on Aug. 1, 2016.

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