Wiregrass Church parking lot

Wiregrass Church has filed a civil complaint in hopes of receiving assistance in resolving a parking lot dispute.

A corporation operating Wiregrass Church on Main Street has filed a civil complaint against another property owner over parking.

Wiregrass Ministries Inc., a domestic nonprofit corporation, asked in its complaint that a Houston County judge grant a restraining order and temporary and permanent injunction against Behzad Khazraee LLC of Tallahassee, Florida. Khazraee owns an adjacent parcel used by the church for overflow parking during its services.

Houston County Judge Larry Anderson set a hearing for Jan. 16 on the temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction.

Wiregrass Church listed in the complaint the primary entrance to the old Porter Square Mall, where Wiregrass Church is, lies on a parcel owned by Khazraee. Documents show all owners’ deeds associated with the mall subdivision specifically say all owners must maintain its parking lot area in a commercial and reasonable condition for mutual benefit of all parcels.

The church also stated in its complaint that counsel for the Wiregrass Church sent Khazraee a certified letter regarding Khazraee’s failure to comply with provisions.

Wiregrass Church informed the courts in its complaint that Khazraee answered the church’s certified letter with an undated letter that said the church was using Khazraee’s outparcel for years for parking on weekend for church services without permission. The church said Khazraee went on to say he would begin towing cars parked on the property unless the church was willing to pay rent to the use the area for parking.

According to the church, additional multiple attempts to contact Khazraee were unsuccessful.

Wiregrass Church has begun the process of hiring a contractor repave its own parking lot. While the lot is being repaved, the church is intent on exercising its rights in authorizing/instructing the contractor to cure Khazraee’s default by repaving the driveway. However, the church and contractor have concerns that Khazraee may claim the contractor is trespassing, the inevitable work stoppage that would cause, and the threats that have already been levied by Khazraee.

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