Defense attorneys representing Coley McCraney have filed a motion requesting the state allow the defense counsel to examine evidence in the 2006 suicide of a former Ozark police officer.

McCraney was arrested earlier this year and charged with capital murder in the 1999 shooting deaths of Dothan teens J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett.

According to court documents, attorneys David Harrison and Andrew Scarborough filed a motion requesting the state to produce and permit the defense to analyze, inspect and copy or photograph the incident report, autopsy, and ballistic report of the firearm used in the April 17, 2006 suicide of Ozark police officer Butch Jones.

Jones was allegedly working as an undercover officer with the Ozark Police Department at the time Beasley and Hawlett were murdered, the motion states.

Harrison would not make any comments on how Jones’ suicide may or may not be connected to the teens’ murder, but the motion suggests the information sought could be used in their client’s murder cases.

McCraney faces three capital murder charges for J.B. Beasley and two capital murder charges for Tracie Hawlett; prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty if McCraney is convicted.

The charges stem from DNA test results performed by Parabon Labs in Virginia, which matched McCraney's DNA to evidence collected from the 1999 crime scene. Results were also confirmed by the Alabama state lab.

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