Sylvio Joseph King

Sylvio Joseph King

A local judge is considering a bond request for a man charged in connection with a truck bombing that prosecutors said riddled the victim with bullets believed to be embedded in an explosive device.

Dothan Attorney Ben Freeman sought bail for Friday for his client, Sylvio Joseph King. He is charged with two counts of possession/transporting bio-weapons, one count of unlawfully breaking and entering a motor vehicle, one count of first-degree criminal mischief and one count of attempted murder.

Law enforcement believes King is responsible for last week’s vehicle bombing, which sent one man to the hospital with serious injuries. Information obtained during the investigation led law enforcement to King's apartment in the Medial Center Apartment complex where he was arrested. Investigators believe the incident was a result of a domestic issue.

“All I am asking for is a reasonable bail amount for my client,” Freeman said during Friday morning's bail hearing in front of District Judge Benjamin Lewis. “I am not trying to minimize any of my client’s charges. But, none of his charges are capital offenses and he is not a flight risk and with that being said, he is entitled to have bail set.”

Assistant District Attorney Mark Johnson also addressed Lewis with concerns from the state.

“Mr. King has only been in the area for two years, and he has no connections or ties to the area,” Johnson said. “That alone makes him a flight risk. The evidence shows Mr. King planned this event. Making the explosive device took time. The victim injured during this incident spent days picking bullets out of his body. The bomb was packed with 223 bullets. Plus, he had also planted another bomb in a garbage can at his employment. We ask for no bail, or, if bail is granted, we request a high bail.”

Freeman once again argued his client was not a flight risk.

“Bail is used for two reasons,” Freeman said. “One is to make sure the suspect shows up to court and two, to make sure the public is safe. My client is not a risk to the public. We can’t overlook my client is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Lewis asked the state if they recommended certain bail amounts. Johnson requested $150,000 for each Class A felony charge and at least $30,000 to $60,000 on each Class C felony charge.

Lewis informed both attorneys he would take the information into consideration and would give a response at a later time.

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