A certified licensed psychologist recommends the case against a Enterprise man charged with his mother’s death should proceed.

Chad Brogdon, 36, was arrested May 15, 2019, and charged with murder and abuse of a corpse. His arrest came one day after his mother’s body was found burned beyond recognition.

Dale County Circuit Judge William Fillmore issued an order continuing Brogdon’s November 2019 trail until a mental evaluation was completed.

According to court documents submitted by Kale E. Kirkland, Ph.D., an Alabama licensed psychologist, Brogdon’s evaluation summary states, it is recommended that the case proceed to hearing and/or trial. Kirkland said in the documents, that Brogdon exhibited an adequate ability to factually understand the charges against him, as well as the legal proceeding against him. “It is this examiner’s opinion that Mr. Brogdon possesses an adequate national and factual understanding of the legal proceedings against him.”

Kirkland also listed in the evaluation that Brogdon denied any previous contact with a mental health professional. He also listed Brogdon has a long history of drug abuse; and he is psychologically stable.

No decision has been made by the Dale County court at this time. However, court records show a tentative trial date set for Sept. 14.

A Dale County grand jury indicted Brogdon in September on charges of murder and abuse of a corpse.

On May 14, 2019, around 5 p.m., fishermen spotted a burning vehicle underneath the bridge near Hartford. Authorities discovered what appeared to be a body inside the vehicle, but indicated it was burned beyond recognition.

Police believe Brogdon killed his mother in Dale County and transported her body in a vehicle to Geneva County, where he set the vehicle on fire.

According to court records, Brogdon appears to have a prior felony conviction. He pleaded guilty to second-degree forgery in connection with an alleged falsified $1,400 check in 2010. Court records indicate he wrote a letter to the judge to ask for an appointed attorney in the case because he said he could not afford one. In the letter, Brogdon said his mother and girlfriend were providing for him during his financial struggle.

Brogdon also pleaded guilty to attempting to elude police in 2002.

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