Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza identified a man arrested last week in relation to a bomb that exploded in a truck in Dothan, injuring the driver.

Sylvio Joseph King, 44, of Sixth Ave., in Dothan, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, possession/transporting bio-chemical weapon, breaking and entering a motor vehicle and criminal mischief. King was transported to the Houston County Jail.

Additional details on the incident were reported during a Monday press briefing with representatives from the Sheriff’s Office, Dothan Police Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms , and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Law enforcement officials believe King is responsible for placing an explosive device in the truck, causing it to explode last Monday, injuring the vehicle’s driver Terry Daniel Brooks, 43, of Dothan. Brooks was transported to a local hospital following the incident for treatment. He has since been released from the hospital and is recovering.

“During the investigation, it was determined a device was placed in the victim ’ s truck and was activated by a remote,” said Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish. “ With this case still being investigated, we can’t address every issue. However, I will say, there was another device found, and that device is being tested.”

Parrish also stated that the incident is a result of a domestic issue , and that King said he detonated the device for a third party. However, Parrish stated the third party was interviewed and it was determined she did not play a role in this incident.

According to Parrish, King called the police department on Thursday and said he felt he would be the next intended victim. However, Parrish stated King was already “a person of interest” before he placed the call to police .

Thursday evening, law enforcement was led to King’s apartment in the Medial Center Apartment complex due to information obtained during Monday’s vehicle explosion. Once law enforcement arrived on the scene , they allowed King to continue playing the role of the potential victim. Out of precaution, the residents from the apartment complex were taken to another complex where they spent Thursday night. The Red Cross and the Dothan/Houston County EMA Office assisted with relocating the residents.

King faces state charges, with additional charges expected. The ATF will also file federal charges against King.

“This is just a fine example of all departments working together,” Parrish said. “With each department working together, we were able to make the arrest.”

Houston County Judge Benjamin Lewis has appointed Attorney Ben Freeman to represent King. King will go before Lewis Thursday morning for a bail hearing.

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