Traffic stop leads to arrests of habitual offender

MARIANNA, Florida — A routine traffic stop conducted by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of an Alford, Florida, man classified as a habitual offender.

During a routine traffic stop Friday, Jackson County sheriff deputies arrested Michael Ray Brady and charged him with driving while suspended/revoked with knowledge and possession of narcotic equipment.

Deputies observed Brady initially driving the vehicle. However, as a deputy initiated a traffic stop for a seat belt violation, the female passenger was driving the vehicle, and Brady was then sitting in the passenger seat.

According to Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jessica Crisp, the deputy determined Brady’s license is suspended and he is listed as a habitual traffic offender. The female occupant did not have a valid license.

A tow truck was requested. An inventory of the vehicle was conducted, and resulted in the deputy locating a used hypodermic needle and a spoon with residue among Brady’s belongings. The residue tested positive for methamphetamine.

Brady was transported to the Jackson County Correctional Facility.

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