Two Florida men are in the Houston County jail in what federal investigators believe is a massive credit card fraud operation.

Thenor Junior Moller, 25, of Miramar, and Dorleus Wilgeums, 28, of Miami, were previously arrested by the Enterprise Police Department and a hold was placed on both men by the Dothan Police Department after investigators said they attempted to make numerous gift card purchases with illegally obtained credit cards at local Walmart stores.

Both men were transported to the Houston County Jail Friday.

Moller is charged with one count of identity theft and 62 counts of fraudulent use of a credit card.

Wilgeums is charged with one count of identity theft and 63 counts of fraudulent use of a credit card.

A complaint filed in federal court indicates authorities believe the transactions were part of a bigger operation.

According to the complaint filed by a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service, the two men worked for another man in Miami known simply as “Russian.”

The complaint states the two men committed the following acts while in the Wiregrass:

» On April 19, Walmart employees contacted Enterprise police after two men attempted to purchase gift cards valued at $200 each with a credit card. Ninety-one transactions were processed before the 92nd transaction was declined.

Enterprise police made contact with Moller and Wilgeums as they attempted to enter their car. The complaint states Enterprise officers noticed a small bag of marijuana on the center console of the vehicle. Detectives then conducted a search of the vehicle and recovered Walmart gift cards, the credit card used to make the purchase and two additional credit cards belonging to different individuals. Overall, 157 gift cards were recovered. The two men were taken into custody.

» On April 24, Moller and Wilgeums were transported to the Dothan Police Department in reference to additional Walmart gift cards purportedly purchased with the same credit card used to make the Enterprise transactions.

According to the complaint, Moller admitted to Dothan police that the credit cards were fraudulently obtained from a FedEx shipment. Moller told police he would use the cards to make Walmart gift card purchases. Moller then said he would load the money onto the gift cards, take a screen shot of the gift card on his phone and send it to a person in Miami known only as “Russian.” Moller told police he would receive 10 percent of the total dollar amount sent. Moller said the money would be paid to him by a person he knew as “SonSon” in Miramar.

» An investigator with Capital One provided local police with a spreadsheet of Capital One credit cards sent via FedEx to 10 different addresses in Dothan, although none of the cardholders lived in Dothan. The spreadsheet of transaction on the credit cards in question revealed 29 transactions in Ozark, 55 in Enterprise and 130 in Dothan. The 157 gift cards recovered by Enterprise police still had a total value of $28,011.11.

According to Doug Howard with the U.S. Attorney Middle District of Alabama’s Office, Moller and Wilgeums were each sentenced in a U.S. court to nine months on federal charges.

Moller is booked in the Houston County Jail on a $650,000 bond; Wilgeums is booked in the county jail on a $660,000 bond.

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