Woman arrested three times in less than a week; charged with cyberstalking a deputy

MARIANNA — A Greenwood, Florida, woman was arrested three times in a week.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested Traci Lynn Fears on multiple charges, including cyberstalking, where she harassed a deputy multiple times.

On May 23 at 1:28 p.m., a deputy responded to a disturbance at a local motel. According to motel staffers, Fears had been beating on the doors of other patrons’ rooms, yelling and screaming profanities.

Jackson County Sheriff Lou Roberts said when deputies arrived, Fears informed them that she was untouchable in Jackson County. Deputies repeatedly attempted to calm Fears. She was charged with breach of peace.

The next day, the Sheriff’s Office received a call from Fears in reference to her missing dog. When a deputy arrived at the same motel, Fears readily admitted that she had utilized the emergency 911 system numerous times to contact law enforcement regarding the issue.

Fears was again arrested, this time charged with misuse of the 911 system and placed in the county jail.

Third incident

On May 29 at 7:30 a.m., Fears began texting a deputy’s cellphone repeatedly about her missing dog.

According to Roberts, the deputy had been attempting for several days to help Fears find her dog. He learned that the dog was given to someone in Hernando County, but he had been unable to pin down its whereabouts. Fears began to threaten to sue, the deputy advised her to stop contacting him or any other deputy directly, and informed her if she needed law enforcement assistance, she should contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Fears followed that warning with several texts. The deputy repeated his warning, which was followed up by multiple texts from Fears. This continued for approximately 30 minutes, with Fears sending 11 texts after being advised to stop.

Fears was located and placed under arrest for cyberstalking and booked at the county jail for a third time.

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