Each year on Nov. 11, many Americans stop to recognize the efforts of the men and women who have served our country in the military. Some communities have parades, some have events, and some have both, but most have some sort of recognition of the sacrifice our veterans have made in the service of our country.

These moments are usually attended by adults – veterans themselves, family members, and others who have lived through wartime and recognize the depth of gratitude our nation owes its committed veterans.

But on Wednesday in Ozark, the Veterans Day ceremony at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens was remarkable in that there were many young people in attendance, as well as participating in the ceremony in some way. Some are involved with Carroll High School’s JROTC program. Others are involved with Dale County’s Girl Scouts. Some simply attended because they wanted to.

What brought the young people to the ceremony isn’t really important; it’s their interest in marking the contribution of the men and women of service that matters most.

Society will always have veterans of varying age and race, of both genders, and with experience in varying conflicts. It’s important that each generation understands the sacrifice of our service members and the cost of our freedoms.

We applaud the young people in Ozark and elsewhere who have taken the initiative to recognize our veterans on such a solemn occasion.

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