Earlier this week, the Dothan City School board approved the restructuring of the city's schools, closing a total of four facilities, dismembering the magnet school program with the exception of Carver Magnet, and combining the two current high schools into one.

Though the changes have made some families in throughout the system a bit nervous due to the rapid rate of their implementation, many teachers, principals, and staff are excited to see what lies ahead.

Teachers are unsure of where they are headed to next, and of course all have preferences, but after speaking with many education professionals, it has become apparent that the spared funding streamed back into the schools is expected to feel similar to a heavy rain after a long drought.

Various community members, teachers, and principals are hoping the community will support the changes moving forward, in order for the transition to happen as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

While this week was packed with votes, discussions, and the looming question of where we go from here, next week will provide the board, the superintendent, and the community time to recuperate. Schools will quiet down as they work toward a much-earned Christmas break, and school administrators will prepare for what comes next for the Dothan City School System.

Chalk Talk, an education notebook compiled by education beat reporter Kayla Rutledge, appears each weekend in the Dothan Eagle and at DothanEagle.com

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