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Dothan City Schools touted improvements in some academic areas following the release of (2017-18) report cards for systems around the state which assigned Dothan's system a 79, or C grade.

The release is mandated since the passage of a law in 2012 which requires the Alabama Department of Education to release a grade for each system and each school within the system. Dothan City Schools earned a grade of 79, but grades of individual schools were mixed, ranging from 58 to 98.

Grades are determined based on a handful of indicators, and a statement released over the weekend from Dothan City Schools indicated the system improved in four of the five indicators.

According to the release, the system improved in the following indicators:

– In the area of Academic Achievement, DCS students increased from 60.70 percent (2016-17) to 64.77 percent (2017-18).

– In Reading, there was an increase of 6.37 percent and math had an increase of 1.77 percent.

– Academic Growth also improved by 3.52 percent and 7 out of 10 subgroups showed gains with an average increase was 7.03 percent. Academic Growth in reading grew from 84.89 percent to 88.05 percent while math grew from 84.96 percent to 88.83 percent.

– The Students with Disabilities subgroup showed a gain of 13.42 percent. DCS showed gains in the College and Career Ready indicator as well. The Asian subgroup improved from 57 percent to 80 percent and Students with Disabilities improved from 17 percent to 37.3 percent.

– The Graduation Rate was 89 percent, up 0.8 percent from 2016-2017. The subgroup, Students with Disabilities, increased from 49.8 percent to 90 percent (a gain of 40.2 percent).

Three of the city’s four magnet schools graded 96 or better out of 100. Carver, Heard and Montana Street magnet schools all graded A-plus while Beverlye Magnet School graded an 89, or B-plus.

Meanwhile, Dothan High School graded a 69 (D), while Northview High School graded a 76, or C.

The city’s two non-magnet middle schools graded lowest of all the city’s schools. Honeysuckle Middle School graded 58 (F), while Girard Middle School graded 65, considered a D by the Department of Education.

Non-magnet elementary schools graded as follows: Cloverdale (69), Girard (71), Grandview (61), Hidden Lake (86), Highlands (93), Kelly Springs (77), Slingluff (75), Selma Street (81) and Faine (64).

- This story was corrected online 12/31/18 to correct a score for Honeysuckle Middle School from 48 to 58.

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