Dothan City Schools dress code

A group of Dothan High School students walk home after school on Wednesday.

Some major changes to the Dothan City Schools’ dress code for high school students could be coming as school board members consider revisions that would relax some regulations.

The proposal, which still needs to pass the Dothan City Board of Education, would allow students in the ninth through 12th grades to wear jeans instead of the presently sanctioned dressier shorts or skirts. Jeans would be permitted as long as they did not have cuts, slits, holes or other defects.

Additionally, the code would relax regulations for items like sweater vests, sweatshirts, and shoelaces. Currently sweater vests and sweatshirts must be solid in color and shoelaces must be of the same color, but those requirements would be stricken if the board passes the revisions.

The code would still require most shirts to be collared – with the exception for T-shirts that promote school spirit.

“They’ll still have uniforms. It’s just relaxed a little bit,” school board chairman Mike Schmitz said of the proposed changes.

The public will have a chance to discuss the changes to the dress code – and other suggested amendments to the code of conduct like a ban on corporal punishment – during a meeting with school officials Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Dothan High school auditorium. School officials plan to use the feedback in creating the final draft of the code of conduct, which includes the dress code.

Only a few minor changes to the middle and elementary school dress code have been suggested.

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