Dothan City Schools is looking at how changing job classifications could cut down on the cost of paying overtime claims.

The district’s chief operations officer, Dennis Coe, revealed that the system was averaging $120,000 to $150,000 in compensatory time reimbursements for each fiscal year before the last fiscal year on record, which he called an exception because of the restructuring effort.

With recent changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act that increased the salary threshold for employees to gain overtime-exempt status, Coe said he thought it was an apt time to review and clean house on job descriptions and titles.

“We are in dire need to go in and update several of our job descriptions,” he said at Dothan City Schools’ work session Thursday. “Some positions are entirely too specific.”

Coe recommended consolidating several positions under new titles, such as those related to technology support. He also urged moving them all under the umbrella of the title “technology specialist.”

Pay review

Coe also reviewed the wages of several jobs in relation to state averages and recommended increasing them for technology specialists, accountants and central office secretaries, who he said were underpaid in comparison.

Increasing the salaries would also move some of the employees to overtime-exempt status, which would help cut overtime expenses.

He also recommended adding a few positions such as maintenance supervisor, central office clerk and certification specialist to handle additional duties brought on by new state guidelines and additional temporary work associated with ongoing capital improvement projects.

Coe did not recommend a decrease in pay for any jobs held by employees.

He expects the salary increases should offset an anticipated $75,000 in savings of overtime claims.

The board is expected to vote on updated job descriptions at Monday’s scheduled meeting.

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