Rip Hewes Stadium

City of Dothan officials discussed Friday plans to improve Rip Hewes Stadium, home of high school football in the city for the 56 years. The city also looked at ideas for a new track and field facility in the city, which could mean restructuring the stadium.

Dothan City Schools officials released new rules on Thursday governing attendance at football games at Rip Hewes Stadium ahead of the first home football game for the new Dothan High School Wolves.

>>All bags are subject to be checked.

>>Backpacks and drawstring/cinch backpacks are not allowed.

>>No loitering will be allowed at the concessions/restroom and ramp areas. Students must return to their seats after they have exited the concession line and/or used the restroom facilities.

>>Students under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult family member or guardian (An older sibling or family member who is also a current DCS student does not qualify to be the designated adult family member).

>>Students should arrange for transportation home when the game concludes. Any student remaining at the stadium 30 minutes after the completion of the game who is still waiting on a ride may be barred from attending future home games. Students are advised to make arrangements in advance or contact their rides during the third quarter to coordinate pickup.

"We are working with the Dothan Police Department, DCS athletic director and the director of safety, security, and attendance to inform students, parents and the community of safety measures,” Dothan City School Superintendent Phyllis Edwards said in a statement. “The system is communicating procedures for community preparedness. In large settings, these are common procedures to assist with safety."

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