A steady convoy of around 100 compact and midsize SUVs rolled slowly through Houston Academy’s parking lot to greet the teachers and staff members of its lower school.

Young students were beaming as they stood through the sunroof or hung out the window holding up homemade signs decorated with hearts, magic markers, and glitter glue proclaiming “We miss you!” and “I love school!” as they rode by their school’s faculty.

As they recognized their students, faculty members — standing at least 6 feet apart on both sides of the drive- thru parade — loudly returned with “We miss you, too!” while waving and smiling enthusiastically and “we are ready are ready for them to come back!” Some were crying happy,and even longing, tears.

While dressed in blue and white, many were shaking pompoms and jumping up and down as they got a glimpse of their school children and some family pets who went along for the ride.

One parent later commented that it was a great “pick-me-up” for her and her children.

After initially expecting to return to schools April 6 after Gov. Kay Ivey’s March 17 closure, families and faculty were disappointed when she later announced that schools would not reopen for the remainder of the academic year.

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