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The Houston County School Board is considering options that would give control over campus lawn care to individual schools.

Several Houston County school principals have expressed dissatisfaction over the current system-wide contract model. Principals indicate lawn care at some schools goes neglected or isn’t always done to a high standard.

“I think we can all agree that we are having issues the way it is,” County School Board Chairman Vince Wade said.

Board members discussed the possibility of providing school principals a funding allocation to allow each school to hire its own lawn care. However, determining the proper allocation amount can be a complex issue. Some schools have open fields that must be mowed regularly. Others have more sidewalks that require edging.

The board also discussed the possibility of hiring additional workers to handle lawn care internally, but some officials questioned the cost of associated personnel and equipment.

The matter was discussed during Monday’s regularly scheduled work session. The matter could be placed on the agenda for a vote during the regularly scheduled meeting May 20, or could be held for later discussion.

The board also heard a proposal seeking about $35,000 to contribute to the cost of a parking lot near the current Rehobeth baseball field. The 69-space lot would also be adjacent to the soon-to-be-constructed Rehobeth Elementary School lunchroom. The Town of Rehobeth is considering a $35,000 contribution toward the cost along with an expected request to the Houston County Commission for in-kind work and/or a contribution. The total cost of the project is estimated at $92,000.​

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