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MONTGOMERY - State Superintendent Eric Mackey is advising schools to cancel all assemblies or events with large gatherings, like performances or sporting events to mitigate exposure to the coronavirus. Alabama's first case was reported Friday in a patient at Montgomery's Jackson Hospital.

Events that could draw small gatherings may not be canceled, but some may be held without spectators, depending on guidance from Alabama High School Athletic Association.

"Starting tomorrow, there will be a change in the way sports are played throughout the spring," Mackey said.

The State Department of Education is also canceling all conferences and events through April 30.

Schools are continuing to ensure best hygiene practices in the school buildings and lunchrooms to prevent the spread of sickness, Mackey said.

The single Alabama patient with a confirmed case of COVID-19 is in Montgomery County. The Alabama Department of Public Health identified the individual as someone who recently traveled out of the state and has pre-existing chronic health conditions. The individual has self-quarantined since their arrival in Alabama.

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