DCS mid-year meeting

Northern Virginia principal and motivational speaker Hamish Brewer talks to faculty members from Dothan City Schools during the DCS mid-year meeting at the Dothan Civic Center on Friday morning.

Virginia’s “relentless skateboarding principal” roused over 1,000 Dothan City School employees to forget about New Year’s resolutions and instead, think about their legacy every day.

“I tell you what, a lot of people are talking about their New Year resolutions — what a load of junk,” motivational speaker Hamish Brewer said. “They’ll be good for about a week … see, there’s a big difference between a resolution and legacy.”

At the mid-year celebration event, Brewer, who is a school turnaround and improvement specialist, challenged all employees to love every student, advocate for every student and “be great” every day.

He talked about the massive restructuring effort that Dothan City Schools recently went through in an effort to save the school district from financial ruin and keep students from leaving in droves every year.

“You’ve done something so remarkable, the whole nation is watching,” he said. “You did something that so many people would be so scared to do, but so many people need to do it because we need to be better for our students.”

Brewer said he talked to DCS Superintendent Phyllis Edwards in anticipation of Friday’s event.

“The superintendent said people were talking about your schools,” he said. “How about forget them. How about you do the talking for your school? How about you tell your story?”

Brewer is being featured in a skateboarding humanitarian documentary Humanity Stoked starring skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

During the event, Edwards also lauded many schools for improving overall math scores and progressing in their respective signatures.

Dothan City School students return to schools Monday, Jan. 6 from winter break.

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