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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Samuel J. Tarwater and Jeanne B. Tarwater, Renee Allison Elliott, 30 Hampton Way, $790,000, 04/29/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Christopher Ryan Martin and Katie Buie Martin, 103 Yarmouth Court, $183,652, 04/29/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Preston Dasinger and Hannah Dasinger, 101 Montreat Court, $141,150, 04/29/19

Robert Smith III, Christy L. Reynolds and Michael Simmons, 503 Landview Drive, $79,500, 04/29/19

AmeriHome Mortgage Company LLC, Federal National Mortgage Association, 445 S. County Road 95, Gordon, $107,000, 04/29/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Charlotte Gayle Shirley, 203 Church St., Ashford, $39,000, 04/29/19

Lemarius D. Warren, Breana M. Money, 113 Cumberland Drive, $129,000, 04/29/19

Kelli Temesia Kelly, Travis H. Turvin, 108 Periwinkle Court, Taylor, $114,000, 04/29/19

Stanley Brantley, Conrad M. Brantley, Audrey Spooner, Jacquelyn K. Covington, Clayton C. Creel and Gregory M. Creel Jr., Franklin E. Rhorer and Paula L. Rhorer, 901 Dogwood Trail, $85,000, 04/29/19

Pamala Jordan Chancy a/k/a Pamala Jordan Hawthorne, Brenda Jane Jordan, 2319 Oscar Helms Road, Gordon, $50,277.14, 04/29/19

Curtis L. McGriff, administrator of Estate of Willie M. Truett, Robert Chris Johnson, 605 Falcon Drive, $62,500, 04/29/19

Michael & Jennifer Kimberly, Carolyn A. West, 1204 Gregory, $44,500, 04/29/19

Pennymac Loan Services, Neeext! Investments LLC, 3030 Nottingham Way, $49,999, 04/29/19

Cornelia Hammond Glenn, Phillip Carl McEntyre and Janice McEntyre, 2780 Bill Yance Road, Headland, $40,000, 04/29/19

Estate of Billy Wayne Whitehead, A.D. Investment Properties LLC, 403 Hickory Court, Webb, $38,000, 04/29/19

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Hibiscus LLC, 203 Pearce St., $30,000, 04/29/19

Taylor Moates and Jessica Moates, Stephen E. Peterman and Colleen W. Peterman, 114 Thistlewood Drive, $111,000, 04/29/19

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, LBJ Investments LLC, 115 N. Roberta St., $102,101, 04/29/19

PC LLC, City of Dothan, .04 acres on 2135 Denton Road, $20,000, 04/29/19

Shonda Dinetz, Jimmy M. York, 700 Dexter St., $2,000, 04/29/19

Tommy L. Brannon, Jason Harold McVey, 1135 Timbers Drive, $162,500, 04/29/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Timothy W. Wheeler, 608 Rice Road, Taylor, $208,598, 04/29/19

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Federal National Mortgage Association, 207 Thornberry Place, Ashford, $317,200, 04/30/19

Compass Bank, Compass Bank, 908 Grove St., Cottonwood, $80,028, 04/30/19

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 1197 Chickasaw St., $22,400, 04/30/19

James A. Peele Jr. and Christy L. Peele, Glenda Watson, 102 Huckleberry Lane, $105,000, 04/30/19

Patricia Pippin, Luke Edward Carter and Caitlin Calvin Carter, 145 McCallister Road, Slocomb, $160,000, 04/30/19

Chad Dean Construction Inc., Timothy Melancon, 1787 S. State Highway 109, $249,000, 04/30/19

Danielle Hatfield Loukinas and Nickolas Alan Loukinas, James John Kaye and Rebekah Lea Kaye, 402 Randwick Road, $184,000, 04/30/19

Billy L. Fowler and Rebecca P. Fowler, Jeff L. Taylor and Tori J. Roland, 857 Harden Road, Slocomb, $212,000, 04/30/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 1111 Appian Way, $180,010.35, 04/30/19

Melvin Giles, Triad Restoration Inc., 14276 U.S. Highway 84, Newton, $110,000, 04/30/19

Keith A. Kirkland and Mary M. Kirkland, Christopher D. Sanders and Marie Sanders, 504 Riveredge Parkway, $377,000, 04/30/19

Larry H. Jordan, Kenneth T. Jordan and Timothy S. Jordan, Timothy S. Jordan and Gwendolyn Jordan, 6145 Pansey Road, Pansey, $49,900, 04/30/19

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 533 Blackman Road, $76,262.95, 04/30/19

Sarah Swafford and Brandon A. Swafford, Gustavo R. Jimenez and Lisa A. Jimenez, 112 Smoke Rise Court, $143,000, 04/30/19

Bank of America N.A., Marvin R. Reichert, 604 Evert Drive, $74,900, 04/30/19

David Mauldin, Christopher Holland and Wendy Holland, 513 Birchwood Lane, $171,625, 04/30/19

Gabriel Addison Hall, Jana M. Fryer, 110 Orchid Court, $101,500, 04/30/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Leota Tew, 113 Halls Creek Lane, $224,900, 04/30/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Brittney Rivers, 503 Drake Drive, $210,900, 04/30/19

Joe F. Green and Barbara M. Green, Christopher Robin Hood, 2401 Stonebridge Road, $178,500, 04/30/19

Iberiabank, Johnna Elaine Duke and Jeffrey Brent Duke, 1395 National Road, $237,000, 05/01/19

3G Construction LLC, Lashaydra P. Critten and Jeremy Critten, 179 Lizzy Court, Cowarts, $182,900, 05/01/19

Highlands Cove LLC, Donell Adams and LaTanya Adams, 306 Yorkhill St., $383,900, 05/01/19

Gilbert R. Stiff Jr. and Judy Shimoda Stiff, Robert E. Powell and Nancy J. Powell, 324.4 Hidden Creek Circle, $229,000, 05/01/19

Robert E. Powell and Nancy J. Powell, Jacklyn R. Jay, 110 Berry Patch Lane, $195,900, 05/01/19

Mark E. Filter, Thu Bui and Loan Nguyen, 188 Prevatt Drive, $83,000, 05/01/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Timothy C. Boileau and Josephine Boileau, 301 Pepperridge Road, $184,500, 05/01/19

Anthony G. Cumuze III, Timothy Ingram, 301 Rowland Road, $110,000, 05/01/19

AmeriHome Mortgage Company LLC, DOL 400 LLC, 213 N. Koonce St., Columbia, $30,000, 05/01/19

Southern Home Builders LLC, Shawn W. Hill and Megan R. Hill, 98 Hilltop Road, Newton, $254,500, 05/01/19

George L. Keel III, Stacy Sims, 125 Gina’s Way, Webb, $27,000, 05/01/19

Ellen J. Williams, Ryan Kriser, 205 Foxrun Trail, $100,000, 05/01/19

Scott Stephens, Michael B. Skeen and Joanna D. Skeen, 111 Patriot Place, $225,000, 05/01/19

Tiffany Michelle Forrester, Danielle Renee Tisdale and Clinton Tisdale, 107 Holiday Court, Taylor, $111,000, 05/01/19

Albert F. Collinsworth and Lorraine D. Collinsworth, Christopher Lee Baker, Eddins Road property, $235,000, 05/01/19

Harry Chadwick Eubanks and Kimberly Dawn Eubanks, Stacy Y. Beck and Ralph Beck, Green Frog Road property, $168,000, 05/01/19

Randy L. Goodwin and Alice D. Goodwin, Albert William Zander Jr. and Bonnie T. Zander, Lot 15, Block “A”, Braxton Bend Garden Homes, $189,000, 05/01/19

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert J. Nolan and Linda M. Nolan, 106 Yorkshire Drive, $147,000, 05/01/19

Chad Dean Construction Inc., Evan R. Kohen, 2176 Middleton Road, $184,785, 05/01/19

Alpine Development LLC, Nicholas A. Gavazzo and Tiffany Gavazzo, 3633 Oak Ridge Lane, $355,000, 05/01/19

Todd Douglas Batchelor, Jason Phillip Cochran and Lori Natosha Cochran, 117 Orchard Park Drive, $176,000, 05/01/19

Myra Olivia Powe, Myra Olivia Powe, 106 Ridge Road, $2,750 each or $5,500, 05/01/19

William Marvin Cook and Vontena Renee Cook, Christopher Bailey and Keela Bailey, 664 Westbrook Road, $344,000, 05/01/19

Mark G. Strassburg and Sonya M. Strassburg, Joseph Ray Roberts and Sarah Kathryn Roberts, 108 Telford Place, $358,700, 05/02/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Dan McRobie and Terry McRobie, 208 Drake Drive, $193,000, 05/02/19

Jeremy L. Lee and Lindsey B. Lee, Jimmy Ladon Jones, 119 Bradberry Drive, $166,500, 05/02/19

Estate of Patricia Anne Vickers, Barbara Anne Ray, 130 Emerald Lake Drive, $93,000, 05/02/19

John Martin Andre and Courtney C. Andre, Susan Marie Tolleson and John S. Masick, 403 Gardenia Drive, $239,500, 05/02/19

Jonathan Patrick Eaves and Rebecca Nicole Eaves, Jerrall S. Ellis and Charlene M. Ellis, Lot 1, Block “E”, Pine Lake Subdivision, $199,000, 05/02/19

Shawn Land and Angela Land, Jeffrey B. Willens and Leota J. Willens, Lot 25, Block “A”, Mallard Landing Subdivision, $225,000, 05/02/19

Leslie J. Chamberlain, Ernest Frank Bane Jr. and Cheryl Luann Brown, 586 Lizard Lope Road, Columbia, $90,300, 05/02/19

Eagle Bend Apartments LLC, Housing Authority of the City of Dothan, 1441 Hartford Highway, $750,000, 05/02/19

Herring Welding Supply Inc., Tommy and Delores Tillery, 1764 George Road, $1,500, 05/02/19

Tommy and Delores Tillery, Dewaine and Barbara Cook, 1764 George Road, $3,000, 05/02/19

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