real estate transactions 4

Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Kelly Sellers Whitlow, Kevin Shaun Carpenter and Joshua Bryan Carpenter, 1.03 acres on Highway 123, Newton, $9,088.72, 04/23/19

Michael Stephen Howell Jr. and Casandra Nicole Howell, Emmett E. Anderson, 3239 S. State Highway 123, Newton, $15,000, 04/23/19

CWS LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, n/a Lots 1-7, Block B, McAllister Trails, $469,350, 04/23/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 202 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 04/23/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 167 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 04/23/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 165 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 04/23/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Cody Sikora and Charity Sikora, 111 Halls Creek Lane, $209,900, 04/23/19

James Alan Maddox, Jonathan D. Corley and Ashley Corley, 904 Orchard Circle, $199,900, 04/23/19

Richard T. Byrd, Albert Keith Adams and Krystal Nicole Adams, 15.28 acres, 10081 Cottonwood Highway, Cottonwood, $48,000, 04/23/19

John Michael Hornsby, Janet Hornsby Blair, and James David Hornsby, RCM LLC, 69.410 acres, County Road 33, Ashford, $178,500, 04/23/19

Jordon Brownlee, Justin Keith Shaw and Sara Shaw, 576 Battles Road, $126,500, 04/23/19

John H. Watson, David Mauldin, 520 Birchwood Lane, $16,000, 04/23/19

John H. Watson, David Mauldin, 518 Birchwood Lane, $16,000, 04/23/19

Stephan J. Gorman, James Michael Howell and Cynthia Diane Howell, 224 Cumberland Drive, $114,500, 04/23/19

Everett Construction Company Inc., Jerrel J. Vickers, 210 Blazer Drive, Kinsey, $114,900, 04/23/19

Sandra Koeller, Christopher McLeroy, 106 Litchfield Drive, $242,000, 04/23/19

Pamela H. Bennett, Sandra Lynn Koeller, 722 Shorewood Drive, $214,000, 04/23/19

JWD Investments LLC, Alicia Gainer McDaniel, 2.61 acres on Hollis Dairy Road, Newton, $16,500, 04/23/19

Ronald L. Bryan and Diana L. Bryan, as co-trustees of the Bryan Family Trust, Herndon Investments LLC, 425 N. Broadway St., Ashford, $52,500, 04/23/19

Ashley M. Vibbert, Zachary C. Love and Gabrielle Love, 414 Mill Creek Circle, $185,500, 04/23/19

Betty G. Dobbs, Joshua L. Cowan, 3710 Navajo Trace, $139,900, 04/23/19

Robert L. Floyd III and Christine H. Floyd, Jason B. Dykes and Heather L. Dykes, 614 Jamestown Boulevard, $470,000, 04/23/19

Roy Bruce Hall and Marie Hall, Timothy Ryan Pflugner and Kristin N. Pflugner, 111 Chapel Hill Road, $699,000, 04/24/19

Jason B. Dykes and Heather L. Dykes, Tommy R. Rushing and Lindsey Rushing, 301 Glencoe Way, $353,000, 04/24/19

John Hickein A/K/A John J. Hickein and Anna Hickein, Michael T. Ishida and Kellie D. Ishida, 117 Moultrie Drive, $290,000, 04/24/19

Charles Ray Parker and Peggy E. Flaitz Parker, Linda F. Taylor, 1923 Sullivan Drive, $60,000, 04/24/19

Casey L. Akins, Aaron B. Martin III and wife, Brenan Martin, 684 N. Park Ave., $99,000, 04/24/19

GiGi Lynn Oliver and Jimmy Lamar Oliver, Jonas C. Forrester and Sharee J. Forrester, 705 Rosemont Drive, $525,000, 04/24/19

Mary Ann Tolar Elmore, Lee Elmore and Sharon D. Elmore, 9.02 acres on South County Road 75, Pansey, $36,000, 04/24/19

Gary A. Imdieke and Vivian G. Imdieke, Tharel Shirah and Pamela H. Bennett, 102 Hidden Creek Circle, $295,000, 04/24/19

Elizabeth Marie Williford and William Brent Williford, Linda Clemmons and Richard Clemmons, 21 Riverbirch Lane, $239,000, 04/24/19

Cecil Keith Eubanks, MJW Properties LLC, 927 E. Cook Road, Pansey, $17,000, 04/24/19

Willie A. Clark Jr. and Darlene S. Clark, Ruby Anderson, 1900 Sullivan Drive, $119,500, 04/24/19

Kevin Lee McGlothlen, Edward C. Harrison and Theresa Harrison, 4109 Eddins Road, $73,900, 04/24/19

Estate of Thelma Patricia Mullins, Raymond Pelletier and Judy Pelletier, 733 Roney Road, $80,000, 04/24/19

Micah Anthony Dismukes as personal representative of Estate of Violet Vanarie Dismukes, Micah Anthony Dismukes and Sherrie Dismukes, 1391 Blackman Road, $70,000, 04/24/19

The Rebecca Hodges McQueen Revocable Trust, Bob the Builder LLC, Lots 2 and 3 Bay Tree Subdivision, $27,000, 04/24/19

Thomas H. Woodham, Robert H. Woodham, Gary J. Woodham, Carol Page Woodham Clark, and Mary C. Woodham, Thomas E. Lane and Margie K. Lane, 115 Coventry Court, $156,000, 04/25/19

Daniella Suttle, Vanessa Raber, 123 Miami Drive, $98,900, 04/25/19

The Money Source Inc., Department of Veterans Affairs Loan Guaranty Service, 104 E. Bluemont Court, $105,063, 04/25/19

Marin Bojonca and Jodie Bojonca, Nicholas and Deanna Turvin, 14.66 acres on Pea Market Road, Columbia, $42,500, 04/25/19

Alan D. and Denise P. Hauenstein, David and Harley Williams, 509 S. Iroquois Ave., $99,900, 04/25/19

Norman Williamson, Benjamin Garrett Foster and Laurel B. Foster, Crabapple Court, $30,000, 04/25/19

Eric P. Smith and Lindsey T. Smith, Christopher L. Brishke and Ashley Brishke, 10876 S. State Highway 605, Slocomb, $315,000, 04/25/19

David R. Schively and Jana Sheree Shively, Nicholas Christian Zahn, 305 Redbud Circle, $248,000, 04/25/19

Lois M. Axtell, David T. Dennis and Glenda Dennis, 100 Woodcreek Drive, $87,000, 04/25/19

Deborah G. Woodham, Sherry Vande Hei, 1909 Charlton Drive, $106,500, 04/25/19

Peppi P. Cooper and Jeffrey T. Cooper, Kelly Skipper, 5.88 acres on East U.S. Highway 84, Ashford, $30,000, 04/25/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Wiley Bland, 106 Bougainvillea Circle, $90,000, 04/25/19

George D. Reynolds and Irma D. Reynolds, Leroy Coleman Jr. and Denise P. Coleman, 606 Abbott St., $12,000, 04/25/19

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