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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity, Sonja Kirkland, 300 Louise St., $94,000, 04/01/19

Praise Him Homes LLC, Tierrany Stovall, 3107 Hickory Hill Drive, $75,000, 04/01/19

Vivian Johnson, Beacon Holdings LLC, 0 North Cherry Street, $1,500, 04/01/19

Chad Dean Construction Inc., Jace Johnson Construction LLC, 2983 Iris Road, $24,000, 04/01/19

Bank of America N.A., Gloria Evette Thomas, 1109 W. Newton St., $13,000, 04/01/19

Ditech Financial LLC, 2019 Castle LLC, 107 Bump Road, Webb, $16,100, 04/01/19

Wol Suk Simpkins, Jessica R. Scott, 2616 Halls Mill Road, $76,000, 04/01/19

Cathy Jo Paulus and Estate of Patrick J. Paulus, James Baker and Glennell Baker, 216 Belhaven Drive, $155,000, 04/01/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Michael Hugh Bedsole, 112 Cottonwood Road, $145,000, 04/01/19

William Michael Palmer and Janice P. Palmer, Becky L. Shipes, 114 Lakeside Drive, $195,000, 04/01/19

John Luedemann and Shelly Haferkamp, Rachel Callahan, 112 Middlebury Court, $156,900, 04/01/19

Jerry King, Jeremy Johnson and Tiana Johnson, 10.38 acres, Judge Logue Road, Newton, $110,000, 04/01/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Gary Wayne Grayson and Brenda J. Grayson, 107 Yarmouth Court, $178,216, 04/01/19

M & M LLC, Kenneth Joe Garland and Tamara Margaret Garland, tbd Jester Street, Cowarts, $16,500, 04/01/19

Paul L. Powell, Patrick Hinckley and Cara Hinckley, 206 Stonegate Drive, $267,000, 04/01/19

Christine A. Gibbons, Justin Pryor, 103 Ashwood Drive, $130,000, 04/01/19

George Cooper Jr., Holdun Singleton, 113 N. Herring St., $65,000, 04/01/19

Colby Jordan and Kayla Danielle Jordan, Timothy L. Kinder Sr., 628 Jester St., Cowarts, $129,000, 04/01/19

Lynn S. Simmons and Florence B. Simmons, Carrie Baggett Moore and Jerry Payne Moore III, 125 Pine Tree Drive, $152,500, 04/01/19

Robert Johnson and Dana Johnson, Brandon Diggs and Brenda J. Holvick, Lot 10, Block A, Hidden Lake West Subdivision, $298,850, 04/01/19

Shirley Hamm, Robert L. Baker and Lynn K. Baker, Lot 11, Block A, Brookdale Subdivision, $169,900, 04/02/19

Michael Grantham, Joshua A. Webb, Lot 40, Block A, Honeysuckle Cove Townhome Subdivision, $108,000, 04/02/19

Royce P. Fontenot and Miranda Fontenot, Dai Xuan Vo and Hai Quynh Anh Duong, Lot 39, Block D, Liberty Park Subdivision, $239,000, 04/02/19

Francis E. Everett, Dustin E. Everett, 116 Cove Lane, $40,000, 04/02/19

Charles Carroll, Michael Allen Phillips and Jenifer Phillips, 2600 Samantha Drive, $25,500, 04/02/19

Lynne B. Lewis, Bobby J. Hornsby Jr. and Sarah H. Woodham, 1138 Power Dam Road, Newton, $15,000, 04/02/19

Kenneth Woodham and Kathryn E. Woodham, Edward Drake Warren, 113 N. Idlewild Path, $117,500, 04/02/19

Tommy Ray Rushing and Lindsey Heath Rushing, William M. Burgess, Shirley M. Burgess, Cassandra A. Carter and TaJauna Jimmerson, 407 Powder Horn Drive, Midland City, $157,000, 04/02/19

Larry L. Bright and Linda N. Bright, Debbie Pollock, 3118 Hickory Hill Drive, $94,400, 04/02/19

James Key and Dawn Key, Stephen Gregory Lee and Caitlin Turvin Lee, 200 TV Road, $64,000, 04/02/19

Walter Marshall Jr. and Keana Marshall, Christine Thornton, 307 Reid Drive, $91,625, 04/02/19

Mary Walker and LBJ Investments LLC, Walt Kirkham and Corinne Kirkham, 204 Woodleigh Road, $157,000, 04/02/19

Estate of Janone Pee Hall, Dean Clark and Sarah Clark, 117 Muirfield Lane, $153,000, 04/02/19

Harold Wayne Pierce and Marlisa H. Pierce, Timothy M. Dahn and Maria Amelia Dahn, 208 Veritas Drive, $290,000, 04/02/19

G. Dwight Lindsey and Lena W. Lindsey, Harold W. Pierce and Marlisa H. Pierce, 1215 Scenic View Drive, $206,000, 04/02/19

Larry D. Alford and Becky D. Alford, Kenneth Charles Beck and Kelli Michelle Beck, 156 Ridgecrest Loop, $245,000, 04/02/19

Robert Kirt Mims, Lee Whitman and Susan Whitman, 214 Reid Drive, $24,401, 04/03/19

Joshua E. Johnson, Scottie Gene Penley, parcel, $95,000, 04/03/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Dane Clanton and Hope Clanton, 395 Pristine Court, Cottonwood, $19,000, 04/03/19

Eric P. Lotter and Karen M. Lotter, William Howard Collier, 112 Newcombe Court, $182,500, 04/03/19

Judith L. Jerkins, Chad Roberts and Nicoel Roberts, 109 Cougar Drive, $36,500, 04/03/19

Tracey C. Sawyers and Lindy M. Sawyers, Harry Alan Lee and Deborah Kaye Lee, 1 acre on South State Highway 109, $6,000, 04/03/19

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Donald W. Poorman, 16460 E. State Highway 52, $42,000, 04/03/19

Michael D. Hancock Jr. and Gloria E. Hancock, Melbourne V. and Ethel V. Thompson, 508 Audubon Drive, $173,250, 04/03/19

Watson & Downs Investments LLC, Watson & Downs Investments II LLC, 202 Vulcan Way, $41,800, 04/04/19

Ngoc Suong Burdeshaw and Stephanie Wynn, Dustin Everett, acreage, Power Dam Road and 15740 W. U.S. 84, Newton, $260,000, 04/04/19

Jesse Brown Jr., Sharon Pender, 105 Leslie St., Gordon, $5,000, 04/04/19

Gloria J. Bell Spann, Mark Andrews and Wendy Andrews, 702 Mullins St., $44,001, 04/04/19

272 Fortner Street LLC, South Electronics LLC, 262 Fortner St., $177,000, 04/04/19

Deborah Wood Paramore, LaVista LLC, 397 E. Saunders Road, $30,000, 04/04/19

Stephen Krietemeyer and Samantha Krietemeyer, Michael and Kaitlin G. Parker, 107 Arapahoe, Midland City, $161,000, 04/04/19

George M. Petty et al, Stephen Krietemeyer and Samantha Loff Krietemeyer, 200 Stonegate Drive, $255,000, 04/04/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Darren C. and Kimberly Reeves, 7976 S. Park Ave., Taylor, $264,291, 04/04/19

Marjorie H. Harris Revocable Trust, Michael A and Shirley Jerrell, 40 Williamsburg Place, $175,000, 04/04/19

Beacon of Hope Ministries, Charles Ted Herring, 2573 Hodgesville Road, $425,450, 04/04/19

Kimberly Michelle Prevatt, Dan Lee Construction Co. Inc., 453 W. Cook Road, $65,000, 04/04/19

Rebecca J. Parrish, The Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority, 154 and 164 E. Main St., $61,000, 04/04/19

Jace Johnson Construction LLC, Amanda M. Thompson, 3113 Iris Road, $197,500, 04/04/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Brittany E. Clark, 118 Heyward Drive, $122,000, 04/04/19

Joel Rivera and Crystal Rivera, Eric Dwayne Hampton and Amanda Kay Hampton, 6001 S. County Road 55, Ashford, $136,000, 04/04/19

Robert Cliff Lewis Jr. and Patty S. Lewis, Stephen T. Holland, 0 South Park Avenue, $1,932, 04/04/19

Ronna Dykes A/K/A Rona Dykes and Larry Dykes, Cameron Scott McNabb and Jessica Darylyn McNabb, 118 Radford Circle, $98,500, 04/04/19

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