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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Brenda S. Sikes, Brett L. Andrews, 65 Hubbard Road, Newton, $75,000, 04/15/19

John A. Shaw and Ann C. Shaw, Wayne E. Eidson and Mary N. Eidson, Lot 1, Block B, Second Addition to Williamsburg Place Subdivision, $260,000, 04/15/19

Irrevocable Trust f/b/o Henry A. Wise V, Irrevocable Trust f/b/o Anna Harper Wise, 2 Danmor Place, $65,000, 04/15/19

The Irrevocable Trust Educational Trust Agreement f/b/o Anna Harper Wise, James Browning and Rhonda Ledbetter, 2 Danmor Place, $65,000, 04/15/19

G.R. Rogers LLC, Nicholas A. Tindell, 213 Fox Hollow Way, $152,700, 04/15/19

Lance Steven Mertz and Ashley Elizabeth Drake Mertz, Brian Paul Buckentin II and Jodie M. Buckentin, 616 Farrah Circle, $155,000, 04/15/19

Caliber Home Loans Inc., Caliber Home Loans Inc., 317 Waynesboro Way, $119,320, 04/15/19

Dawn Merritt and Sean Dwayne Merritt, Renasant Bank, 105 Lily Trace, $92,000, 04/15/19

Jerry Lynn Hughes and William Terry Hughes, Debra Anderson, 69 Hughes Drive, $82,000, 04/15/19

Susan Brown Hester, Live Oak Homes LLC, 205 Massee Drive, $22,500, 04/15/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Wells Fargo Bank N.A., 1111 Appian Way, $180,010.35, 04/15/19

Estate of Evelyn Loftin McMoy, LBJ Investments LLC and Mary Walker, 1504 Dakota St., $91,900, 04/15/19

George H. Smith, Matthew and Macey Kendrick, Fletcher Smith Road, Cottonwood, $54,000, 04/15/19

Curtis Tillman Black and Leah M. Black, William J. Rodziwicz and Judith A. Rodziwicz, 221 Tiffany Drive, $148,500, 04/15/19

Mark Sweatt and Leisa Sweatt, Ronnie Reeves, 2001 Adrian Road, $115,000, 04/15/19

Althea Ruth Leddon and Milton T. Leddon, Emory Armour and Nicole Sellers, 701 Bay St., $8,000, 04/15/19

GF Gillis and Billie Brooks Gillis, Penny S. Graddy, Lot 11, Block 8, City Cemetery, Ashford, $100, 04/16/19

Paula D. House, Joyce and Walter Baxley, 501 2nd Ave., Ashford, $71,800, 04/16/19

VW Investments LLC, Tanner T. Shelley and Amelia S. Shelley, 207 Redwood Ave., $205,000, 04/16/19

Jace Johnson Construction LLC, Ashley Brooke Lynn, 2292 Jordan Ave., Cowarts, $145,000, 04/16/19

Estate of Robert James Yeager, Doug Duane Real and Sonja Barnes Real, 114 Woodcreek Drive, $87,000, 04/16/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Rex Moss and Peggy Moss, 406 Ridgeland Road, $205,000, 04/16/19

George B. Adams and Inga C. Adams, Jerry W. Mayes and Janice C. Mayes, 403 Cypressglade Lane, Midland City, $345,000, 04/16/19

Mary Brannon, LBJ Investments LLC and Mary F. Walker, Lot 2, Block C, Pristine Acres Subdivision, $32,000, 04/16/19

Jane C. Eberhart n/k/a Jane C. Cheriogotis, Keith Thomas Onorato, 604 Rosemont Drive, $172,000, 04/16/19

Lisa Blume and Brian Blume, Joseph Woodruff and Mary Sue Woodruff, 308 Golf View Drive, $148,500, 04/16/19

Marshall Patrick Thomas and Crystal Faircloth Thomas, Dennis F. Delaney and Pamela A. Delaney, 703 Orange Ave., $182,500, 04/16/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Kathryn L. Bailey, 203 Londonberry Drive, $150,500, 04/16/19

Brian W. Jackson, Caitlin Elizabeth Hood, 410 Powder Horn Drive, Midland City, $134,000, 04/16/19

Charles C. McArthur III, Larue McWaters, 1 st Avenue, Ashford, $35,000, 04/16/19

Jessica Carty and Michael Carty, Jonathan E. Brooks, 106 Pioneer Trail, $158,000, 04/16/19

Peggy Dowling Lee f/k/a Peggy Faye Dowling, Pollard Investments & Construction LLC, 19.8778 acres on Sandbed Road, Newton, $400,000, 04/16/19

Kevin Arnold and Anita Arnold, Ketchum Enterprises LLC, 459 Lucy Grade Road, $200,000, 04/16/19

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Zachery J. Phillips, 401 Highland St., $41,171, 04/16/19

Ulysses Enos and Lillian Enos, Diann Waller, 79 Hickory Court, Webb, $45,000, 04/16/19

John Fain and Debbie Fain, Alexander Vincent Fedel and Mary Julia Fedel, 303 Westbrook Road, $279,000, 04/17/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Connie Duke, 164 Heyward Drive, $150,000, 04/17/19

Tammy McSwain Parrish and Joshua M. Parrish, Steven B. Moore and Lisa Michelle Moore, acreage on Beck Road, Pansey, $120,000, 04/17/19

Randall Lee Kirkland, Eddie C. Hamm Jr. and Rhonda W. Hamm, 187 Mills St., Webb, $20,000, 04/17/19

Joel Davison and Mary Alisha Davison, Joshua Bare and Victoria Bare, 114 Glenfinnan Way, $349,900, 04/17/19

Matthew Welborn and Olga Welborn, Roger Scott Dufresne Jr. and Olivia Jones, Lots 1 and 2, Block A, 1 st Addition to Parker Subdivision, $69,000, 04/17/19

Chela R. Kaplan, Justin Case Lukima, Lot 5, Block 5 of Hartford Heights, $101,000, 04/17/19

Jeff Gregory and Cynthia Gregory, Seaborn W. Grist and Deborah J. Grist, 210 Royale Orleans Court, $215,000, 04/17/19

Pacific Union Financial LLC, Cato Properties, 212 1 st Ave., Ashford, $48,001, 04/17/19

Sidney Farbes, Markita L. Thornton, 1509 Carver Drive, $6,750, 04/17/19

South House LLC, Catherine A. Smith and Kimberly Holland, Lot 18, Block B, First Addition to Lakewood Subdivision, $134,000, 04/17/19

Regions Bank, Jennifer L. Porter, 105 Anita Court, $224,000, 04/17/19

Antonio Benford, Gabriela Calderon and Luis Fernando Boyso-Espino, Lot 9, Block B of a replat of Block B, Lots 3-7 of Block A and Lots 10-18, Block D of the Addition to Stephenson Subdivision, $102,500, 04/17/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Justin D. Taylor and Victoria A. Mock, 101 Yarmouth Court, $189,600, 04/18/19

James Bruce Adkins, Janazjah S. Pearce, 104 Montana St., $20,000, 04/18/19

Mark D. Bonner, Wiregrass Machine Properties LLC, 80 acres in Section 8 off of Highway 84, $189,600, 04/18/19

Lee Ann Golden Gracy and Sally Elizabeth Golden Schepps, Sadie McGraw Presley, 208 S. Idlewild Path, $127,500, 04/18/19

Darley Enterprises LLC, Register Holdings Inc., 913 Honeysuckle Road, $115,000, 04/18/19

Mary Francis Baird, Josephine Harrison, Louise Hughes, Sarah Anderson, Betty Christian, Cherrie McSweeney, Melody Culbreth, Ann Colon, Ivey LaDon Culbreth, Franklin Culbreth, Virginia Culbreth, Ginger Culbreth Curry and Thomas Goodson, Brannon Lee Ingalls and Kellie Dozier Ingalls, 71.52 acres, Charles Road, Pansey, $157,344, 04/18/19

Fannie Mae, Sheniqua Nettles, 101 Arrowhead Drive, $90,000, 04/18/19

John A. Shaw and Ann C. Shaw, Wayne E. Eidson and Mary N. Eidson, Lot 1, Block B, Second Addition to Williamsburg Place Subdivision, $260,000, 04/18/19

Barry R. Kraselsky et al, D&P McConnell Revocable Trust, 115 Moultrie Drive, $299,000, 04/18/19

Willie Frank Goolsby, Mary Young and Bobbie Jean Hill, 502 Oak St., Ashford, $23,017.50, 04/18/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Kyle R. Williams and Cody A. Barlow, 930 Woodland Drive, $146,349, 04/18/19

George Reginald Lewis Jr. et al, Kriser Homes South Inc., M&B South Park Avenue, $41,000, 04/18/19

George L. Johnson, Kenneth E. Roberts, Lot 12 and the west half of Lot 13 in Block 9 of the Lincoln Park Subdivision, $32,000, 04/18/19

Eddie Mitchell, Jimmy M. York, 700 Dexter St., $2,000, 04/18/19

Marlee York, Jimmy M. York, 700 Dexter St., $2,000, 04/18/19

Mary McNeal, Jimmy M. York, 700 Dexter St., $2,000, 04/18/19

Bettie Etheredge, Jimmy M. York, 700 Dexter St., $2,000, 04/18/19

Benny F. Jones Jr. and Peggy Jones, City of Dothan, .03 acres on Denton Road, $12,700, 04/18/19

Thomas Loeffler and Kathy Whelan-Loeffler, City of Dothan, .02 acres on 2175 Denton Road, $5,000, 04/18/19

Gulf Coast Dermatology Property Group LLC, STORE Master Funding XVI LLC, 106 Westside Drive, $1,880,000, 04/18/19

Myra S. Ward Revocable Living Trust, James R. Moore, 6.9 acres on Cottonwood Road, Cottonwood, $39,000, 04/18/19

Donnie T. Frith, Gloria Frith Dease, Sharon Frith and Tonye Frith, Joshua Arbuckle, Jim Arbuckle and Monica Arbuckle, 2603 Thorndale Place, $135,000, 04/18/19

John Phillip Clearman and Elizabeth C. Clearman, City of Dothan, .04 acres on 2642 Denton Road, $9,000, 04/18/19

Sandra C. Dixon, Gregory Scott Dixon, 202 Dusty Lane, Ashford, $15,000, 04/18/19

Jacqui Burgoon Herring and Joe Herring, Joseph Bernard Burgoon Jr., Timbers Drive property, $89,900, 04/18/19

Slade G. Jones and William Eugene Sellers, Mule Shoe Family Land and Timber LLC, 5.7 acres off South County Road 95, Gordon, $11,400, 04/18/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, William Cook and Nell Cook, 102 Litchfield Drive, $274,000, 04/18/19

Nicolas M. Wendenon, Zachary Steven Hurst and Kandace Nichole Jackson, 213 Belhaven Drive, $177,250, 04/18/19

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