real estate transactions 4

Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Scott C. Wiley and Amanda D. Wiley, Shannon Meuleman and Audrey Meuleman, 110 Dunwoody Place, $220,000, 08/12/19

Ciecierski Remodeling & Construction LLC, Aaron Scoggin and Austin C. Scoggin, 130 Callowhill Court, $132,500, 08/12/19

Bobby Anne Gardner, personal representative of Estate of James H. Lamb, Debra Darlene Couch, 13036 Cottonwood Road, Cottonwood, $174,900, 08/12/19

James Shealy, Aleck P. Hryn Jr. and April D. Hryn, 125 Rosewood Drive, $154,000, 08/12/19

Customers Bank, ADMT LLC, 4064 Ross Clark Circle, $429,000, 08/12/19

Robert Byrd, David Byrd and Marcia Byrd, Robert Byrd and Marcia Byrd, Murphy Mill Road, $550,000, 08/12/19

Daniel M. Johnson and Karen H. Johnson, Mirakhan LLC, 3131 and 3133 Ross Clark Circle, $1,425,000, 08/12/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Willie Henry Fedrick Jr., 168 Heyward Drive, $153,000, 08/12/19

Bill and Mary Phillips, Brandon Tyler Armstrong, 1941 E. Cottonwood Road, $78,000, 08/12/19

Rent It LLC, Alan D. and Denise P. Hauenstein, 1314 Baywood, $119,000, 08/12/19

Timothy Wiley Shirley, partner of S&S Development Company LLP, Ashford Downtown Redevelopment Authority, 501 N. Broadway St. and 509 N. Broadway St., $54,000, 08/12/19

Jason A. Hill, Helms Farms Inc., Dallas Street, $19,100, 08/12/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Robert T. Bridges and Laura M. Bridges, 104 Allendale Court, $377,535, 08/12/19

Miranda D. Grider, Kenneth Floyd, 473 Jester St., Cowarts, $135,000, 08/12/19

Mark A. Peterson, Thomas H. Morton and Carol M. Morton, 403 Westbrook Road, $327,000, 08/12/19

BLRCC Investments LLC, Covetta Homes LLC, 382 Westgate Parkway, $52,000, 08/12/19

Hugh Gregory Rogers, James D. Kimble, 108 Legends Court, $129,500, 08/12/19

Kelvin M. Rice and Lauren M. Rice, Andrew David Poston and Margaret M. Poston, 102 Crichton Court, $252,500, 08/12/19

Andrew David Poston and Margaret M. Poston, Krystini Cornell, 110 Waxmyrtle Road, $166,000, 08/12/19

Mike Dove, Patricia M. VanLandingham, 134 Lilac Lane, $236,900, 08/13/19

Marcia Byrd and Robert Byrd, First Presbyterian Church Charity Corporation, TBD Murphy Mill Road, $550,000, 08/13/19

Cecil Long and Evelyn Long, Starla L. Lewis, 510 N. Englewood Ave., $175,000, 08/13/19

Robert Ward, Isaac Rivers, 501 W. Burdeshaw St., $7,000, 08/13/19

Timothy Ivan Pool, Chad A. Arthur and Laura A. Arthur, 101 Paul Revere Run, $215,000, 08/13/19

Daphne Hardy and William Lee Clements, Tony S. Saliba, 10061 W. U.S. 84, Newton, $12,000, 08/13/19

Walter E. Bueschel, Tony E. Byrum, and Morris Huggins, Michael Allen Phillips and Jenifer Phillips, Lot 1, Block “B”, 1 st Addition to Peachtree Hill Subdivision, $12,000, 08/13/19

Max Griffin, Aubre Anna Gilley, 504 W. Franklin St., $51,147.25, 08/13/19

Corey Averett Owens, Ronald W. Birchler and Melinda Lynn Birchler, 953 Suggs Road, Headland, $92,000, 08/13/19

Denny R. Parrish and Deborah K. Parrish, April Thomley, 570 Faulk Road, $88,000, 08/13/19

David N. Brough, Lamar Oliver and Gigi Oliver, Sowell Road, $45,000, 08/13/19

Diana J. Waller, Alabama Housing Finance Authority, 302 Pinecrest Drive, $65,360, 08/14/19

Nicholas Gulick and Ashleigh Gulick, Matthew Brink, 117 Copper Court, Midland City, $155,000, 08/14/19

Douglas E. Parker and Jennifer L. Parker, Sherry West, 3443 Eddins Road, $159,000, 08/14/19

DOL 400 LLC, Anita Louise McLain, 508 Hedstrom Drive, $96,000, 08/14/19

Regions Bank, Cat Properties LTD, Lee Whitman and Brentwood Equity Partners LLC, 409 Madison Ave., $11,901, 08/14/19

Florence Keefer, Brandi K. and Angelo D. Copeland, 109 Lakeside Drive, $182,000, 08/14/19

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Larry Crutchfield, 1197 Chickasaw St., $32,000, 08/14/19

Aaron Blake Kelly and April A. Kelly f/k/a April Marie Adams, Kacie Puent and Kenneth A. Puent, 212 Princeton Drive, $178,000, 08/14/19

Timothy Earl Clearman and Vickie Lee Clearman, Myrna Lawrence, 112 Beckett Court, $127,000, 08/15/19

Kenneth Danberry and Linda Danberry, John Albert Eccles III and Jose Helen Eccles, 1905 Fern Drive, $244,900, 08/15/19

Joseph E. Brown and Estate of Elizabeth A. Brown, Velvet Amairanni Luna-Jasso, 1106 Northfield Circle, $135,500, 08/15/19

Christine Emerson, Tyler Robinson, 108 Shea Drive, $117,000, 08/15/19

Scott Garner Smith, Oliver Gaston Dawson and Rakia Leggett, 405 Darlington Court, $124,000, 08/15/19

Teresa Chesnut, Margie A. Hauss, 302 Springview St., Columbia, $5,000, 08/15/19

James Hunter Barkley and Kelsey Suzanne Barkley f/k/a Kelsey Suzanne Howell, Miranda D. Grider and Kimberly S. Jenkins, 107 Montezuma Ave., $255,500, 08/15/19

Michael Finch, Joy L. Redd, 16.29 acres on South Park, $90,000, 08/15/19

Allen Merrill Knight Jr., trustee of A. Merrill Knight Sr. Irrevocable Trust, Jonathan Casey Wyrick and Sheila Alicia Wyrick, 0 Bump Road, Webb, $45,000, 08/15/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Wallace Davis Malone II and Susan Kieran Malone, 0 Hampton Way, $100, 08/15/19

Saftzof Ltd., Sea Breeze Dothan LLC, 3818 Napier Field Road, $2,660,778, 08/15/19

Jeanette S. Dean a/k/a Jeanette Dean, Zach Rogers and Abby Rogers, 4443 Flowers Chapel Road, $97,000, 08/15/19

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