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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Connie and Eddie Watkins, 909 Davis St. Ext., Ashford, $38,500, 08/26/19

Frantz J. Depena aka Frantz J. De Pena, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 207 Ruth St., $33,750, 08/26/19

George Hammond, Jeffrey Lee Key, South Bell Street, $5,500, 08/26/19

Mark A. Kelley and Cindy D. Kelley, Andrew Hayes and Lynnsey Hayes, 118 Ole Taylor Place, Ashford, $265,000, 08/26/19

S. Michael Tucker and Anita R. Tucker, Hannah Braswell, 320 Sandstone Drive, $190,000, 08/26/19

Tiffany Walker and Sammy Walker, Jeremy Lawrence Butcher and Emily Rose Butcher, 803 Burkett Drive, $105,000, 08/26/19

Lynn Anthony Bond, Back Pasture Properties LLC, approximately 45 acres on Doyle Road, $15,461.50, 08/26/19

Allen I. Isler and Julie N. Isler, Kerri Lane Griffin, 783 Sheppard Road, Rehobeth, $155,000, 08/26/19

Crissy C. Dotson, Gilbert Construction Company Inc., 506 Highland St., $47,900, 08/26/19

Kimberly D. Gibson and Stephen C. Miller Sr., Jeanette Mills and Jesse Mills, 1619 Blackman Road, $125,000, 08/26/19

Windy C. Burkett and Grover Lee Burkett, Crissie Rogers, 1115 Jordon Ave., $65,000, 08/26/19

Blissett Builders Inc., Calvin L. Hartley and Wanda M. Hartley, 213 Orleans St., $408,000, 08/26/19

Misty Bradley and Jesse L. Bradley, Aaron Salisbury and Hayli Salisbury, 900 Landview Drive, Taylor, $128,000, 08/26/19

Kevin Ellison and Joyce M. Ellison, Jonathan Schroeder and Heather Schroeder, lot on Valley Court, Midland City, $28,000, 08/26/19

Mary Walker and LBJ Investments LLC, Jody L. Taylor and Brenda L. Taylor, 307 Blumberg Drive, $295,000, 08/26/19

Gerald Wilburn, Dana L. Gourlay, 650 N. Park Ave., $94,000, 08/26/19

George Talley, Diane Beechum, 1508 E. Newton St., $1,500, 08/26/19

Sharon Joy Sizemore, John E. Smith, 1211 Andrew St., $31,750, 08/27/19

Sharon Joy Sizemore, John E. Smith, 1212 Andrew St., $30,000, 08/27/19

Elsie W. Jackson, Tonya McCardle, 505 Florence St., $70,000, 08/27/19

Beverly Gail Broyles, Wallace Daniels, 811 Meridian St., $15,000, 08/27/19

Sharon Joy Sizemore, John E. Smith, 1305 Travis Road, $30,000, 08/27/19

William Samuel Green and Martha Rebecca Green and Joanna Lea, Constantine Theodore Tampary and Cheyenne Y. Tampary, 402 Junaluska Ave., $85,000, 08/27/19

Blissett Builders Inc. and YMF Incorporated, Matthew Adam Scott and Rebekah Ann Scott, 238 Folsom Road, $250,000, 08/27/19

Larry L. Castleman and Kathryn M. Castleman, Robert Ellis and Linda Ellis, 118 Foxfire Drive, $249,000, 08/27/19

Cathy R. Bair, Gary Lee Anderson and Linda Anderson, 1300 Montezuma Ave., $164,000, 08/27/19

Matthew L. Houston, Brittney Porterfield Adams and Anthony Adams, 201 Anita Court, $182,000, 08/27/19

Brandon Lee and Heather Lee, Christopher David Meadows and Amber Michelle Meadows, 612 County Road 33, Ashford, $175,000, 08/27/19

Revocable Trust Agreement of Gayle Ingram Whitaker a/k/a Wanda Gayle Ingram Whitaker, Charles Henry Brunson, 1 acre of land on County Road 75, Pansey, $2,000, 08/27/19

Matthew G. McGaughey and Andrea Bullard McGaughey, Matthew F. McGaughey, 1353 Chickasaw St., $16,250, 08/28/19

Sanders Construction Services LLC, William E. Fowler and Carolyn E. Fowler, 108 Sugarberry Road, $172,000, 08/28/19

Mark J. Murray and Donna Elizabeth Murray, Denise Brown, 2365 Cumbie Road, $185,000, 08/28/19

Susan P. Reynolds, Brian Reynolds, 1403 N. Park Ave., $92,000, 08/29/19

Natoya Grubbs-Caroll, Zakiya N. Wimes, 114 Constitution Drive, $100,500, 08/29/19

Parman Place Inc., Jessica C. Jones, 3.78 acres, Rowland Road, $40,000, 08/29/19

U.S. Bank National Association, Jared Forrester, 3119 Clayborne Road, $80,000, 08/29/19

Leticia Marie Cunningham, Rhonda Gayle Long, South County Road 33, $3,000, 08/29/19

William L. Langford, Mark C. Langford and Charlotte Langford, Irene H. Ludwig, 510 Girard Ave., $114,000, 08/29/19

Richard A. Stubblefield and Sandra K. Stubblefield, John Isaac Handsford and Dimitra S. Handsford, 123 Elmwood Drive, $149,000, 08/29/19

Ruby Bentley nka Ruby Sims, Allison Inlow, 1001 Sassar St., $30,000, 08/29/19

Lynn Struthers, Keith S. Jackson, 203 Belhaven, $120,500, 08/29/19

Charles D. Burkett, Great South Leasing LLC, 53 Broad St., $40,000, 08/29/19

Carolyn Hallford, Josh Meyers, 800 Harden Road, Slocomb, $6,000, 08/29/19

Robert V. Boone and Rhoda S. Boone, Dothan Nurseries Property LLC, 1300 Montgomery Highway, $161,500, 08/29/19

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