Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

The Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority, Dartland Investment LLC, 131 N. Foster St., $215,000, 12/26/18

Michael Kevin Crew and Hope Rhoden Crew, Randall G. Bruner, 130 Biscayne Lane, $200,000, 12/27/18

Inith L. Killebrew, James D. Sumner, 903 Peach Farm Road, Ashford, $70,000, 12/27/18

David J. Hughes, David Hall and Amy Hall, 765 Gene Terry Road, $40,000, 12/27/18

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Diana K. VandeSande, 152 Heyward Drive, $127,000, 12/27/18

HNB First Bank, Frankie A. Barnes and Brenda G. Barnes, 2614 Creekwood Drive, $78,266, 12/27/18

Walter L. Gay and Wendy O. Gay, Ronald D. Price and Martha M. Price, 108 Crichton Court, $210,000, 12/27/18

Providence Assets LLC, Southgate Mobile Homes LLC, 206 Massee Drive, $10, 12/27/18

Joshlyn Lee Walker Polidore, Charles Stewart Long Jr., 312 Rimson Road, $9,000, 12/27/18

J&J Farms LLC, Lemuel Max Metcalf and Patricia A. Metcalf, 2007 Stonebridge Road, $170,000, 12/27/18

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corporation, 203 Cotton Ridge, $54,150, 12/27/18

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corporation, 117 Litchfield, 119 Litchfield, 129 Litchfield, 100 Yarmouth, 111 Yarmouth, $220,875, 12/27/18

Cheryl P. Willis, Gary S. Maddox, R. Bruce Maddox and E. Dan Maddox, Steven B. Francis and Teresa S. Francis, 26 Williamsburg Place, $241,000, 12/27/18

Stephen Paul McCarthy and Ashleigh McCarthy, Daniella Suttle, 123 Miami Drive, $88,900, 12/27/18

Darren Midyette and Tammie Midyette, Mark Scott Sorgenfrei and Amanda Jane Sorgenfrei, 507 Power Dam Road, Newton, $369,000, 12/27/18

Renae Mills Dietrich, Albert Hailey Jr. and Phyllis Hailey, 296 Bradford Lane, $161,900, 12/27/18

Wiregrass Habitat For Humanity Inc., L&L Lawncare Service LLC, 775 E. Burdeshaw St., $1,500, 12/27/18

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