Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Philip G. Granberry, Kenneth N. Granberry and Nancy C. Cameron f/k/a Nancy C. Granberry, Bryan Atwell and E. June Granberry, 19621 Cottonwood Road, Gordon, $30,208.82, 12/17/18

GiGi LLC, Madison Dothan LLC, 1.36 acres, Section 10, T3N, Range 26E, $1,026,900, 12/17/18

Dee McDaniel, Donald Dwight Wells Jr., 6.06 acres, Zachery Road, $29,170, 12/17/18

Charles Weeks Jr. and Kimberly Weeks, James Lee Bryan and Pia Vanheyste, 116 Wentworth Drive, $257,500, 12/17/18

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 207 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 12/17/18

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Frank R. McClanahan and Jessica D. McClanahan, 166 Ridgecrest Loop, $266,485, 12/17/18

Allen C. Hill and Alycia S. Hill, Melanie Tindell, 158 Ridgecrest Loop, $268,400, 12/17/18

Jason R. Eubanks, Benjamin E. Hill and Casey M. Hill, 107 Mill Creek Circle, $119,525, 12/17/18

Jordan Ryan Shirley and Whitney Shirley, Miles D. Lynch and Lauren H. Lynch, 107 Brittany Drive, $166,000, 12/17/18

DDCU LLC, Jamie Morgan Bienvenu, 340 Brushfire Drive, $136,000, 12/17/18

Grace Melanie Bauldree, Joshua Blake Alderman and Tasha Alderman, 516 Sprucepine Road, $163,500, 12/17/18

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Rent It LLC, 2 Wicker Road, Cowarts, $77,500, 12/17/18

Amy Hutchinson, personal representative of Estate of Cindajo Towns, Whitney Nicole Faulk, 2961 Jordon Ave., $69,000, 12/17/18

The Haven Inc., CWS LLC, John D. Odom Road, $800,000, 12/17/18

The Haven Inc., Watson & Downs Investments II LLC, John D. Odom Road, $118,650, 12/17/18

Christopher D. Hargett and Julie Ann Hargett, William Christopher Rhodes, 618 Prestwick Drive, $480,000, 12/17/18

Joshua D. Robinson and Cassidy Leigh Robinson, Jeffrey Derek Watkins and Jacqueline Morgan Watkins, 147 Tree Crest Road, $109,900, 12/17/18

RCM LLC, Miranda Green, 104 Boxwood Court, $142,000, 12/17/18

David E. Holloman and Lindsay H. Holloman, Peter Meier, 316 Cotton Ridge Lane, $229,000, 12/17/18

Richard Lemuel McKnight and Averil Dorothy McKnight, Justin R. Luker and April L. Luker, 976 Webb to Kinsey Road, $198,000, 12/17/18

Betty Sue Lee, Roy Heath Lee and Tammy Horton, Joseph C. Gouge, Joe M. Gouge and Shirley A. Gouge, 408 Donna Drive, $51,000, 12/17/18

Marcus Lee Crews and Irma R. Crews, Charles Ted Hodges and Donna Jill Hodges, 137 Muirfield Lane, $187,900, 12/17/18

Arthur and Melinda Flynn, Lee and Susan Whitman, 906 Chinook St., $15,000, 12/17/18

Johnny Martin Kirkland and Deborah J. Kirkland, Lee Whitman, 112 Arrowhead Drive, $2,000, 12/17/18

Jeanette C. Newton et al, Mark G. Fore, 2904 Clardy Road, $134,900, 12/17/18

Heidi M. Phillips, Robert Johnson and Dana Johnson, 4.9 acres Eddins Road, $34,000, 12/18/18

Estate of Valeria D. McClenny, DDCU IV LLC, 16650 E. State Highway 52, Columbia, $35,000, 12/18/18

Barbara J. Fedrick, Robert and Doretha James, 801 Stough St., $40,000, 12/18/18

Estate of Ella Grace Hughes, Karen Hughes Bowden and Ryan Roscoe Hughes, 214 Spyglass Road, $128,000, 12/18/18

Boyd O. McNeil Jr., Boyd O. McNeil III, John L. Mcneil and Mavourneen G. Walker, James Washington Turner and Connie M. Turner, 103 Fossil Ridge, $14,000, 12/18/18

Amrutal K. Patel and Lilavati A. Patel, Arvindkumar L. Patel and Asha D. Patel, 4.049 acres on Highway 84 East, $650,000, 12/18/18

Otis B. Cheshire III and Katherine S. Cheshire, Nathan D. Reynolds, 522 Rosemont Drive, $159,000, 12/18/18

Mary Ann Stringfellow Taylor, David R. Beckworth, TBD Macedonia Church Road, Columbia, $90,000, 12/18/18

Roy C. Chase and Lynda G. Chase, David R. Beckworth, TBD Macedonia Church Road, Columbia, $2,250, 12/18/18

Roy C. Chase and Lynda G. Chase, David R. Beckworth, TBD Macedonia Church Road, Columbia, $175,500, 12/18/18

Douglas D. and Mary E. Stohlmann, Martin and Hee Sook Metz, 754 Doyle Road, $230,000, 12/19/18

MidFirst Bank, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 233 Broadway Ave., Ashford, $64,600, 12/19/18

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Luretha D. Laws, 119 Tablerock Court, $270,799, 12/19/18

Mary E. Drew f/k/a Mary K. McWhirter and husband Glenn W. Drew, Emilia A. Johnson, 100 Longleaf Drive, $132,000, 12/19/18

Wells Fargo Bank NA, The Secretary of Housing and Human Development, 344 Woodham Road, Headland, $10, 12/20/18

C.W. Hartzog, Keith D. Branton, 2.765 acres on Hartzog Road, $65,000, 12/20/18

Juanita C. Ogburn, David Pitchford, 804 Clearmont Drive, $74,500, 12/20/18

Bobbie S. Dykes, Dustin Everett, 3.13 acres, Harrison Road, $40,000, 12/20/18

Annette McKenzie, personal representative of Estate of Clyde McKenzie Sr., Rose Roberson, 606 Chinook St., $83,000, 12/20/18

The Myra S. Ward Revocable Living Trust, James Fred Ward and Lynda W. Sykes, Michael J. Reinelt and Faith A. Reinelt, 10425 Cottonwood Road, Cottonwood, $102,000, 12/20/18

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Derick Cunningham, 3446 South Brannon Stand Road, $146,900, 12/20/18

Joseph Burks Laney, Gilbert Construction Co. Inc., 305 Twilight Drive, $50,000, 12/20/18

Desa Ree Frazier, David Brewer, 802 Highland St., $78,000, 12/20/18

Billy R. Cordle, Rhonda J. Cordle, 2449 Middleton Road, $10, 12/20/18

Billy R. Cordle, Rhonda J. Cordle, 2517 Middleton Road, $10, 12/20/18

Brewer Construction Inc., Desa Ree Frazier, 106 Inalaura Court, $198,900, 12/20/18

Hollie M. Warren, Tiffany Fredricka McKenzie, 907 Yorktown Road, $85,000, 12/20/18

Thomas Greene for Estate of Dora Kellum, Mark Braddock, 2381 Pansey Road, Ashford, $71,000, 12/20/18

Karen F. Bruner, Gisela Kramer, 320-4 Hidden Creek Circle, $230,000, 12/20/18

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