Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Gregg A. Joffrion and Nicole K. Joffrion, Michael D. Bess and Sheryl L. Bess, 110 Pine Needle Drive, $160,000, 01/28/19

Shawn D. Mitchell and Whitney N. Constable Mitchell, Ralph Coulliette and Glenda Dianne Coulliette, 365 Mount Zion Road, Gordon, $134,000, 01/28/19

Floyd Keith Lannon and Demetria Kay Anderson, Allyson T. Habron and Glenn A. Habron, 3086 S. County Road 33, Ashford, $55,000, 01/28/19

McLaughlin Properties LLC, Aimee Cobb Smith, Jerry Cobb and Retha H. Cobb, 2445 E. Cook Road, Pansey, $170,000, 01/28/19

Timothy Craig Karrh Jr., Sable E. Riley, 707 Owens St., $103,000, 01/28/19

James W. Copeland and Carolyn A. Copeland, Denton Profolio LLC, 42 lots in Rolling Hills Subdivision, $6,352,000, 01/28/19

James W. Copeland and Carolyn A. Copeland, Denton Residents LLC, 2 lots on Mona Drive, $2,900,000, 01/28/19

James W. Copeland and Carolyn A. Copeland, Bella Residents LLC, 6225 Walden Drive, Kinsey, $2,348,000, 01/28/19

James W. Copeland and Carolyn A. Copeland, Denton Apartments LLC, 7 lots in Timbers Subdivision, 14 vacant lots in Rolling Hills Subdivision, 2786 Denton Road, 2734 Denton Road, $700,000, 01/28/19

Rachel Leann Grommes, Sharon Ward and Ryan Ward, 395 S. Waterford Way, Ashford, $239,500, 01/28/19

Alabama Housing Finance Authority, Secretary of Veterans Affairs VA Regional Loan Center, 102 Petunia Drive, $52,134.05, 01/29/19

Theodore Julius Bauman Revocable Trust, Al Stephens, 0 T.V. Road, $4,000, 01/29/19

Billie Anne Lovrich, Adam E. Schmidt and Lisa Schmidt, 2415 S. County Road 9, Newton, $81,500, 01/29/19

Wiregrass Properties & Management LLC, Frances Middleton and Mary Middleton, 0 N. Brannon Stand Road, $40,000, 01/29/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Brandon D. Hurst and Chasity Brooke Hurst, 210 Maplecliff Drive, $181,500, 01/29/19

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 401 Highland St., $28,937,96, 01/30/19

Mary Girtman, Betty Jackson, 302 Monroe St., Gordon, $8,000, 01/30/19

Jerry T. Hood and Marsha B. Hood, Michael Humphrey, 1891 Zachary Road, Cottonwood, $100,500, 01/30/19

Sarah Mandile, Debra Beyah, 707 S. Appletree St., $19,000, 01/30/19

PeoplesSouth Bank, Paul W. Shaw and Sandra Shaw, Lot 18, Block A, Glen Oaks Subdivision, $21,000, 01/30/19

Linda G. Bates, Johnathan Martin, 104 Little Oak Court, $80,000, 01/30/19

Carmen Lewis, administrator of Estate of James Alexander McLeod, Kenneth A. Roach Jr., Charlene S. Roach, John K. Roach and Jennifer L. Roach, 1530 Womack Road, Cottonwood, $49,900, 01/30/19

21st Mortgage Corporation, Jonah P. Patterson, 805 Nobles Road, Cottonwood, $5,000, 01/30/19

Joel Barfield and Justin Barfield, Fourth Quarter Investments LLC, 615 W.G. Bond Road, $44,646.95, 01/30/19

Don Toole, Jeffery Graywolf, 18 McCollough Road, $57,470, 01/30/19

William Carver and Monika Carver, Curtis Reshawn Glenn, 1838 Montgomery Highway, $89,000, 01/30/19

Flowers Holding Liquidating Trust, Ark Dothan Inc., 0 Hammond St., $28.57, 01/30/19

Steven B. Francis and Teresa S. Francis, John Matthew Curry and Brittany Monroe Curry, 3405 Huntington Place, $339,000, 01/30/19

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Katie Baine Storey and Matt Storey, 108 Crestview Court, $246,802, 01/30/19

Lawrence W. Huntsman and Rebecca G. Huntsman, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 602 Oliver Drive, $205,923, 01/31/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Tom Sawicki and Sue Sawicki, 121 Lantana Court, Rehobeth, $179,100, 01/31/19

Edward J. Dorsey, Michael A. Peacock, 213 Stonegate Drive, $260,000, 01/31/19

Ryan York and Kaylie Pierce York f/k/a Kaylie R. Pierce, Paul Maddox and Ryan Maddox, 809 Gonzales Drive, $198,500, 01/31/19

Christian M. Ruddell and Sarah N. Ruddell, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 117 Westmont Drive, $49,394.25, 01/31/19

Amy Elizabeth Morriss, Lizabeth Anne Scott Shelley, 1409 Tacoma St., $140,000, 01/31/19

Cyree White, Carl Ray Duncan, 9135 Cottonwood Road, $25,000, 01/31/19

Ron McDaniel Revocable Trust, Caleb Martin Mann and Barbara Jean Mann, 11 Twin Oaks Lane, $324,500, 01/31/19

Mark Thomas Wilson Estate, Stanley and Tammy Hill, 144 Pine Acres Drive, Newton, $10,000, 01/31/19

Jeff Ingram, Anthony Chad Ingram et al, Metes and Bounds, 1.502 +/- acres, $6,000, 01/31/19

Estate of Gerald E. Charles, Linda Reid and Wally Ventry, 103 Trenton Court, $120,000, 01/31/19

Deborah Walker Williams and Irvin Williams, Ryan J. Kriser, 107 Bob White Drive, $32,000, 01/31/19

J&J Farms LLC, Joshua T. and Melissa J. Yelverton, M&B, Hardy Road, $55,000, 01/31/19

SunSouth Bank, Brenda C. Stroud, 911 Grant St., $20,000, 01/31/19

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