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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, 936 E. County Road 8, Ashford, $45,828, 07/22/19

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, 759 E. Selma St., $36,600, 07/22/19

Rajasekhar Venkata Cherukuri and Sundar Venkata Cherukuri, Sebastian Leon and Ji Hyun Lee, 125 Lakeside Drive, $220,000, 07/22/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 161 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 07/22/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 159 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 07/22/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 187 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 07/22/19

Pollard Investments & Construction LLC, Nicholas D. Eliopoulos and Dianne B. Eliopoulos, 479 Sandbed Road, Newton, $233,280, 07/22/19

Dora Hazel Love, deceased, Daniella L. Suttle and Danny Suttle II, 506 Hill St., $57,000, 07/22/19

Michael N. Wood, Tatsuki Kurihana and Kathleen Hamman, 300 N. Englewood Ave., $249,900, 07/22/19

Brian M. Ordway and Teya M. Ordway, Carla Marie Williams and Taj La Shawn Williams, 1531 W. State Hwy. 92, Newton, $350,000, 07/22/19

Charlotte Mericle, Ronald Dwight Gilley Jr., 96 Grove St., Cottonwood, $5,000, 07/22/19

Tracy Lawrence and Deborah Jean Lawrence, David T. Pandori and Lisa T. Pandori, 103 Westview Drive, Taylor, $95,000, 07/22/19

Steven Douglas Shaw Jr. and Katherine Deighton Shaw, Douglass Ryan Hogoboom and Margaret Mary Brouder, 106 Carnegie Court, $325,000, 07/22/19

Linda A. Jackson, A&W Construction LLC, TBD Hosea Road, Taylor, $45,000, 07/22/19

Darrin J. McCorvey, Bhavana LLC, 502 E. Washington St., $55,000, 07/22/19

Cecil Thomas and Audrey M. Thomas, Ronald Wayne Thomas, 2955 Decatur Road, Cottonwood, $90,000, 07/22/19

Linda A. Jackson, Charles E. Bryan and Patricia A. Bryan, TBD Hosea Road, Taylor, $22,500, 07/22/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Margaret Elizabeth Lamb, 223 Lincolnshire, $554,000, 07/22/19

Eduardo G. Rodriguez Jr., Allison E. Hutton, 216 Lace Drive, $154,000, 07/23/19

Ronald Oudenaarden and Linda Montez Oudenaarden, Michael Finch and Crystal Finch, 101 Cronan Court, $225,500, 07/23/19

Joe F. and Nineva F. Watson, Cameron Neal Ball, 408 Poyner St., $1,500, 07/23/19

River Road Investments LLC, Southern Home Builders LLC, Lot 2 Roy Martin Road, $22,000, 07/23/19

William Pace and Jennifer Naomi Pace, Alec Reeves and Mary S. Reeves, 118 Chloe Court, $180,750, 07/23/19

Jerry Dewayne Knight and Terri M. Knight, Jacob Hicks and Katelyn Jordan Hicks, 601 6 th Ave, $125,000, 07/23/19

Whitney Elizabeth Bass, Rebecca Crawford Freeland, 110 Inalaura Court, $150,000, 07/23/19

Caroliine J. Batson, Joshua Forrester Taylor, 655 N. County Road 33, Ashford, $165,000, 07/23/19

Melinda J. Murner, Brian Grinde, 210 Melrose Lane, $135,000, 07/23/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Joe and Sharon Price, 308 Londonberry Drive, $163,000, 07/23/19

John Chapman, Byron Williams, Johnson Street, Cottonwood, $3,000, 07/23/19

Scott L. Smith and Staci Bark, Robert C. Maslow, 603 N. Broadway St., Ashford, $120,000, 07/23/19

Ralph Lynn Jr., Bhavana LLC, 3341 W. Main St., $240,000, 07/23/19

Joseph L. Dasinger, Thomas R. Walsh II and Mary L. Walsh, 144 Leon Drive, $113,000, 07/23/19

Joann Q. Carpenter, Amanda King, Kevin Shaun Carpenter, Joshua Bryan Carpenter, Joan Carpenter Clark, Jean Carpenter Clark, Terry Wayne Carpenter, Billy Jim Carpenter, and Gregory Lee Carpenter, Terry Wayne Carpenter, Anthony Carpenter, and Dustin Carpenter, Metes and Bounds, Houston County, $380,000, 07/24/19

U.S. Bank National Association, Chimera REO 2018 NR1 LLC, 3317 Granberry Drive, $40,500, 07/24/19

Chimera REO 2018 NR1 LLC, DA Properties LLC, 3317 Granberry Drive, $40,500, 07/24/19

MidFirst Bank, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 356 Phillips Road, Cottonwood, $93,480, 07/24/19

The Estate of Irene M. Long, deceased, Alpine Development LLC, 0 Dunn Road, $575,000, 07/24/19

LBJ Investments LLC and Mary Walker, Christine Shu Gilleland and Caleb Steven Gilleland, 119 Peach Farm Road, Ashford, $86,500, 07/24/19

Shavon P. Ware, Brandi Gilland, 113 Camberly Court, $163,000, 07/24/19

Darcy A. Vann and David Butterfield, Todd Kirkland and Terri Kirkland, 212 Spyglass Road, $120,000, 07/24/19

Chad Dean Development LLC, Joshua Allen Hilson and Adrienne Vynae Ready, Lot 8, Eddins Road, Ryma Hills, Phase I, $26,500, 07/24/19

LBJ Investments LLC and Mary F. Walker, Jon Michael Baker, 315 Branton Road, Taylor, $132,000, 07/25/19

Shelley Wilson, Harold Hasting Snead and Jennifer Carol Snead, 604 Summerrain Terrace, $181,000, 07/25/19

Steven R. McAnulty and Michael W. McAnulty, David L. Sewell, acreage, Fletcher Smith Road, Cottonwood, $60,000, 07/25/19

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jennifer L. Wilmarth, 105 Lily Trace, $117,250, 07/25/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Brenda J. Smith and William Joseph Smith, 209 Belhaven Drive, $147,000, 07/25/19

John Gunter Price and Kari B. Price, Valerie D. Thompson, 102 Camellia Drive, $340,000, 07/25/19

Barbara M. Divers, Gary J. Paulk and Dianne M. Paulk, 3600 Firetower Road, Pansey, $88,000, 07/25/19

James E. Lancaster and Linda S. Lancaster, William C. Mathison Jr. and Robyn C. Mathison, 111 Keystone Court, $199,000, 07/25/19

Ketchum Enterprises LLC, Preston Young Register and Peyton Jones Register, 107 Gary Court, $293,931, 07/25/19

4 Him Properties LLC, Gilbert Construction Company Inc., 489 Faulk Road, $67,500, 07/25/19

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