Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Ditech Financial, Federal National Mortgage Association, 4133 Headland Ave., $88,700, 07/16/18.

Lee Whitman and Susan Whitman, Andrew J. Ward, 1307 Choctaw St., $122,840, 07/16/18.

Tim L. Johnson and Celia Johnson, Charles Booth, 2802 Poplar Circle, $96,000, 07/16/18.

Laura M. Barnard, personal representative of Estate of June B. Mayson, Norman Anderson, 221 Morning Glory Lane, $164,850, 07/16/18.

Jeremiah Alan Jackson and Jennifer Lynn Jackson, Kerry Franklin Cornelius and Terry Cornelius, 636 Wimbledon Drive, $167,500, 07/16/18.

George E. Wilson Jr., Melissa Tankersley and Daphene Tankersley, 318 Bocage Drive, $80,000, 07/16/18.

Tesia A. Mills, David Wilkerson and GeDelle Wilkerson, 0 Hickory Grove Road, Cottonwood, $10,000, 07/16/18.

Andrew Jon Alderman, a/k/a Andrew J. Alderman, and Mito Alderman, Sharon M. Lukachevich and Sandra L. Lukachevich, 321 Powder Horn Drive, Midland City, $141,000, 07/16/18.

R. Douglas Hancock and Brenda S. Hancock, Rocky Schoenhals and Teresa Schoenhals, Lot 5, Block B, Thornberry Subdivision, Ashford, $65,000, 07/16/18.

Brandy B. Jensen and Jeff Jensen, Justin V. Curcio and Kimberly Huston Curcio, 102 Fernleaf Way, $318,000, 07/16/18.

Morgan Keith Ezell and Jessica Tharp Ezell, Michael McConnell Sullivan Jr. and Ann-Marie Sullivan, 138 Lilac Lane, $360,000, 07/16/18.

D. Brian Jones and Penelope Jones, Jessica Tharp Ezell and Morgan Keith Ezell, 114 Royale Court, $450,000, 07/16/18.

Jase T. Ledman, Ledman Construction Inc., 104 Dearborn Ave., $39,125, 07/16/18.

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Ronald Eugene Riley and Sharon Patricia Riley, 309 Pepperridge Road, $183,000, 07/16/18.

HF Properties, Douglas K. Blankenship, 3105 Westgate Parkway, $200,000, 07/16/18.

Alfred Saliba Corp., Panhandle Network, 403 Pepperridge Road, $184,900, 07/16/18.

Amber Whitehead and Daniel Martin, Lisa Smith Williams and John Randy Williams, 512 Gene Terry Road, $135,000, 07/16/18.

Jerry Brown and Mildred Brown, Robert A. Iacovazzi Sr. and Linda D. Iocovazzi, 101 Mulberry Court, $362,500, 07/16/18.

Rosemay L. Klass, Sonya Lewis, Angela M. Wood, Shari Lewis and William E. Wood, Margaret Louise Berry, 319 Waynesboro Way, $170,000, 07/16/18.

James W. Jones Jr. and Erma Jones, Lacey Renee Chaplin, Linsey Michele Chaplin and Joseph Gaines Trammell, 17 Squirrel Drive, Newton, $270,000, 07/16/18.

Larry S. Dean and Carol T. Dean, Thomas S. Underwood and Amy G. Underwood, 703 Wildwood Ave., $230,000, 07/16/18.

William Joseph Smith, Brenda Joyce Smith and Carla Smith Dubose, David Brian Jones and Penelope Jones, 105 Gaffney Court, $151,000, 07/17/18.

Emily Kae McCord, Peter Muller, 113 Club Lane, Unit 4, $270,000, 07/17/18.

Katie Parker Brown, Jeff Jensen and Brandy Jensen, 10+ acres on Harrison Road, $75,000, 07/17/18.

Gary W. Grayson II and Brianna L. Grayson, Daniel E. Hicks and Christina G. Hicks, 1402 Tacoma St., $134,900, 07/17/18.

Katherine D. Sanders, Richard David Dean and Tracy Elaine Dean, 204 Highland St., $55,000, 07/17/18.

Norman Williamson and Theresa B. Williamson, Dan Lee Construction Co., Lot 6, Block C, Southern Hills, Lot 12, Block B, Southern Hills, $50,000, 07/18/18.

Christopher E. Burris, Andrew S. Brown and Katie P. Brown, 1000 Edinburgh Way, $254,000, 07/18/18.

Stone Martin Builders, Walter Maurice Hooks, 162 Ridgecrest Loop, $264,688, 07/18/18.

Enid Griffin Sikes, J&J Farms, M&B, $113,150, 07/18/18.

The Bank of New York ME, Kaylie Pierce, 801 Montezuma Ave., $115,000, 07/18/18.

Alfred Saliba Corp., Christina L. Bell, 304 Ridgeland Road, $209,289, 07/18/18.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 645 Wimbledon Drive, $97,280, 07/19/18.

Tracy A. Jones, Kem E. Templeton and Debra Jeanne Bauerle, 110 Oak Grove Lane, $292,000, 07/19/18.

Gidget Eve Sanders, aka Gidget Even Stayton, Justin Palmer and Melissa Williams, 565 State Highway 92, Newton, $158,000, 07/19/18.

Pamela S. Wing, Martha Jane Litzinger, 971 Sanitary Dairy Road, Ashford, $167,500, 07/19/18.

Vivian Randall Parks, Gilbert Construction Co., 579 Oppert Road, $115,000, 07/19/18.

Eric Lasseter and Nicole Lasseter, Silvana E. Copeland, 2200 Fernway Court, $89,900, 07/19/18.

Michael K. Hoppe and Reed H. Hoppe, Ashley Scarborough, 106 Frankfort Drive, $125,000, 07/19/18.

Jarrod Daniel Oates and Heather Parker Oates, Corey F. Bailey and Corley H. Bailey, 402 Craftsman Drive, $224,900, 07/19/18.

Shane L. Sellers and Brooke B. Sellers, Douglas E. Entz, 313 Drake Drive, $175,000, 07/19/18.

Powell Brewton, Watson & Downs Investments, three acres on Ross Clark Circle, $150,000, 07/19/18.

Kriser Homes South Inc., Jerad Heath McNeil and Amber McNeil, 8261 S. Park Ave., Taylor, $220,200, 07/19/18.

MidFirst Bank, Pinnacle Real Estate, 310 Chandler St., $26,601, 07/19/18.

Juliette Blankenship, Ashley Nicole Haydt, 103 Petunia Drive, Taylor, $120,000, 07/19/18.

Brandon Outlaw, Michael Zachary Murray and Amanda Jean Murray, 105 Cross Court, $300,000, 07/19/18.

Julie Newton Bishop, William Madison Blount III, 7 Ballestone Court, $314,000, 07/19/18.

Ramsey E. Phillips and Crystal L. Phillips, David Harrell and Laura Harrell, 983 Skipper Road, $165,000, 07/19/18.

Akinola O. Ayodeji and Temitope F. Ayodeji, Joshua Champlin and Tami Champlin, 204 Glencoe Way, $353,000, 07/19/18.

Alfred Saliba Corp., Ramona Kay Cochran, 219 Londonberry Drive, $142,645, 07/19/18.

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