Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Julie Ton George, trustee of Julie T. George, Raymond Keith Crews, Lot 16 Block B Olympia Spa and Country Club, $40,000, 06/11/18

Stephanie Gibson, Julie George Howell Real Estate, 1106 Orchard Circle, $251,500, 06/11/18

Bank of America NA, James Mack Brown, 900 Dogwood Trail, $57,500, 06/11/18

Terravia Construction, Stone Martin Builders, 151 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 06/11/18

Terravia Construction, Stone Martin Builders, 147 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 06/11/18

Terravia Construction, Stone Martin Builders, 149 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 06/11/18

George P. Owen and Margie F. Owen, Craig Selig and Jessica Pineda, 402 Dunleith Blvd., $255,000, 06/11/18

Estate of Christine Hall, William J. Smith and Brenda J. Smith, 20 acres, Earline Road, $195,000, 06/11/18

Wilma Jean Watt, Andrew Vernon Dennis, 412 Redbud Circle, $231,000, 06/11/18

Judge of Probate, Woodrow J. Darden and Jeannette C. Darden, Mike Deal, West Cook Road, $2,700, 06/11/18

Estate of Myras E. Granberry, Slade G. Jones and William E. Sellers Jr., 1135 Furnie Folks Road, Webb, $39,500, 06/11/18

Betty Louise Gandee, Christopher Field, 310 Chapelwood Drive, $125,000, 06/11/18

Patricia Sue Creel, Gregory West and Debra H. West, 206 Habersham Drive, $260,000, 06/11/18

Robert Hildreth Dean, Michael A. Warrington and Carol L. Warrington, 1000, 1002 and 1004 Choctaw Street, $73,000, 06/11/18

Scott T. Gliedt and Karen C. Gliedt, Kay Dianne Mitchell, 101 Tecumseh Drive, $126,500, 06/11/18

Michael Miles and Jana A. Miles, Jeffrey S. Cooper and Yesica E. Cooper, 1006 N. Cherokee Ave., $161,000, 06/11/18

Harry Grier III, Joshua D. Ciszczon and Nicole L. Ciszczon, 200 Redwood Avenue, $198,000, 06/11/18

Elise Armstrong and Scott Armstrong, Joel Culbreth and Debbie Culbreth, 106 Radney Street, Columbia, $67,500, 06/11/18

Stone Martin Builders, Matthew R. Smith and Kimberly Smith, 103 Ridgecrest Loop, $216,248, 06/11/18

Scott A. Jones and Janet K. Jones, Ameris Bank, 4266 Hartford Highway, $129,563.72, 06/12/18

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 749 S. Saint Andrews St., $29,640, 06/12/18

David E. Gordon and Glenda L. Gordon, Edward G. Clark and Debra A. Clark, 317 Hidden Creek Circle, Condominium 2, $150,301, 06/12/18

Mark Warren and Susan C. Warren, Zachary Lee Kelley and Hollee Roberts Kelley, 208 Redwood Avenue, $275,000, 06/12/18

Douglas P. Flowers Marital Trust, David A. Lewis Revocable Trust, 208 Girard Avenue, $305,000, 06/12/18

Cornelius Mays Sr., Lillien Mays, Alfred Mays Rogers, Elizabeth Mays Johnson, Karla C. Mays Marshall and the Estate of Luvonia Mays Reynolds, Ryan Chancey, 902 Lennox Avenue, $41,500, 06/12/18

Dorothy Wilson, Raymond W. Brauer, 716 Evert Drive, $155,000, 06/12/18

Tim Flowers and Emily Flowers, Barry R. McLane, 101 Thistlewood Drive, $103,900, 06/12/18

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Summer B. Holmes and Matthew Holmes, 207 Londonberry Drive, $149,633, 06/12/18

Charles Wayne Miller and Cathy Ann Miller Peek, Danny M. Hayes, 1105 Fairlane Drive, $51,000, 06/12/18

Melba Chasteen, Ronald J. Kikendall and Juanita A. Kikendall, 435 Middleton Road, $312,000, 06/12/18

Bradley Mark Witherspoon and Fallon Witherspoon, Jesus Martinez Scobell, 203 Paul Revere Run, $189,900, 06/13/18

Kaye Watts, Adam Hoose and Thang Doan, 602 Lakeland Drive, $79,000, 06/13/18

Jimmy and Carol Morris, Crystal and Bradley Bell, 307 Whatley Drive, $283,500, 06/13/18

Lloyd William Willis and Anna Smith Willis, Wendy Atwood, TBD William Varnum Road, $20,000, 06/13/18

Garrett Christopher Collins and Allison M. Collins, Brandon V. Jackson and Destiny R. Jackson, 224 Belhaven Drive, $178,900, 06/13/18

Kriser Homes South Inc., Kara M. Roberts, 7969 S. Park Avenue, Taylor, $182,000, 06/13/18

Gary C. Edwards and Ruby C. Edwards, Jose Heriberto Diaz-Vazquez, 2141 W. Cook Road, $45,000, 06/14/18

Rodney Mark Still and Melinda N. Still, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, 201 Church Street, Ashford, $87,400, 06/14/18

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Lola Mena-Placeres, 156 Heyward Drive, $125,000, 06/14/18

Noble Southern Properties, Cody Sumlin, 2.015 acres near Hammond Street and South Alice Street, $36,175, 06/14/18

Elouise B. Tindell and David Gerdan, Rene and Elizabeth Glover, Rice Road, $35,000, 06/14/18

R.L. Moore Homes, Wiregrass Habitat For Humanity, 443 Cypress Road, Webb, $10,000, 06/14/18

R.L. Moore Homes, Wiregrass Habitat For Humanity, 473 Cypress Road, Webb, $12,000, 06/14/18

Thomas and Kathy Colella, Sharon B. Vickers, Lot 13, County Road 203, $20,000, 06/14/18

James W. Rane Jr., Nicole Marie Clark, 2215 Shannondoah Drive, $89,000, 06/14/18

N. Frank Pridgen Jr., RPP Capital Company Inc., James M. Pridgen and Arthur A. Warren, Zach Rogers and Abby Rogers, 209 Hedgerose Lane, $35,000, 06/14/18

Justin E. Cain, Michael J. Benak, 1811 Medera Court, $93,500, 06/14/18

Paul M. Bennett, JDL Land Investments, 1111 Dellwood Avenue, $38,000, 06/14/18

Jerome C. Blalock and Peggy Sue Blalock, JDL Land Investments, 913 Mercury Drive, $39,000, 06/14/18

Stone Martin Builders, Wade L. Lewis Jr. and Alisha M. Lewis, 211 Ridgecrest Loop, $231,491, 06/14/18

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