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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Mark Nelms, Kimberly S. White and Myron M. White and Henry L. Dawkins, 105 Vining Drive, $170,000, 06/04/19

Ronald David Bell and Tina N. Bell, Adam T. Dozier and Carter W. Dozier, 213 Marigold Lane, $350,000, 06/04/19

Mildred H. Corbitt, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2109 Baker Trace, $219,506.13, 06/04/19

Jim Lomax Ballard, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 3304 Dena Drive, $135,494.56, 06/04/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 160 Crestview Court, $44,000, 06/04/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 201 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 06/04/19

Steven Patten and Andrea F. Patten, American International Relocation Solutions LLC, 137 Sawgrass Drive, $296,500, 06/04/19

American International Relocation Solutions LLC, Kathleen B. Pugh and Marcus M. Pugh, 137 Sawgrass Drive, $296,500, 06/04/19

Chad Dean Development LLC, Jace Johnson Construction LLC, 6664 Eddins Road, $25,000, 06/04/19

Tony Gilchrist, Scott A. Gilchrist and Jerry R. Gilchrist, 1111 Southland Drive, $16,000, 06/04/19

Stephen L. Lee and Tonya S. Lee, James A. Fife and Linda S. Fife, 855 Blackman Road, $249,500, 06/04/19

Melissa S. Bowman, Daniel Devore, 205 Blair Lane, $122,500, 06/04/19

Kenneth Scott Farmer and Windy G. Farmer f/k/a Windy A. Gilmore, Donnie C. Nelson and Penny Nelson, 131 Vining Drive, $157,500, 06/04/19

Adam L. Borcik and Deborah F. Borcik, Mark S. Schlobohm, 112 Bradberry Drive, $162,500, 06/04/19

Phillip E. Kirkland, Ashley Clanton Carter, 622 Farrah Circle, $164,000, 06/04/19

Joshua B. McCallister and Kaylie E. McCallister, Jason LaDon Scott, 5038 Third Ave., $114,000, 06/04/19

Regions Bank, Frederick McClain, 325 Young America Drive, $22,500, 06/04/19

SNC LLC, Amy L. Kirkland, 6194 Fortner St., $100,000, 06/04/19

George C. Harris, William H. Mayo, 1513 Oak Drive, $57,500 (half interest), 06/04/19

David Clyde Emery and Joseph Richard Emery, Carlton Lambert and Sandra Lambert, 103 Fox Lair Court, $192,500, 06/04/19

Andrew L. Crowell and Kimberly D. Crowell, Kevin Andrew Cowper and Jennifer Lee Cowper, 101 Culloden Court, $324,000, 06/04/19

Vicki S. Harris, Charlotte Ann Ford, 100 Concord Circle, $104,500, 06/04/19

Mitchell B. Kirkland and Glenda Kirkland, The Bryan Family Trust, 7273 E. U.S. 84, Ashford, $90,000, 06/04/19

Cindy J. Adkinson, William Lawrence Durden et al, 109 Camberly Court, $169.000, 06/04/19

J. Tyler Peters and Amy C. Peters, Andrew Robert Peters, 205 Belhaven Drive, $150,000, 06/04/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Steve A. Evon Jr. and Kelly D. Evon, 7954 S. Park Ave., Taylor, $261,600, 06/04/19

Andrea A. Burke and Malcolm A. Burke III, Pedro M. Gonzalez, 101 Hunter St., $195,000, 06/04/19

Tara Hubbard Construction Company Inc., Scott and Christina McDowell, 1089 Hill Top Drive, Newton, $289,900, 06/04/19

Pamela Arnold Windham, William T. Coggins Jr., Wayne Road, $5,000, 06/04/19

Robert Culver, Carlos Lamar Corley and Cornisha LeCount-Corley, 815 Memphis St., $50,000, 06/04/19

Sanders House LLC, The Gartlan Law Firm LLC, 408 S. Foster St., $96,000, 06/04/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Peachtree Hills LLC, 509 Santolina Road, $113,533, 06/04/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Billy D. Singleton and Melissa A. Singleton, 221 Lincolnshire Way, $469,146, 06/05/19

John G. Ruddock and Tonia L. Ruddock, Steven F. Kornegay and Cynthia Kay Kornegay, 302 Glencoe Way, $455,000, 06/05/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Jasper C. Johnson, 206 Maplecliff Drive, $181,000, 06/05/19

Whitney L. Lashley and Joshua Tyler Lashley, Geraldine Paulk, 108 Danny Lane, $159,000, 06/05/19

Bitty’s Girls LLC, William C. Flowers and Regina P. Flowers, Oppert Road, $41,500, 06/05/19

Estate of Marianne W. Cannady, Bryan B. Dismuke and Catherine S. Dismuke, 3101 Foxridge Road, $316,000, 06/05/19

Falkner Farms Inc., Hayes Farms, 110.8 acres, Broad Street, Kinsey, $375,000, 06/05/19

Wesley Blake Bowen, R&S Property Group LLC, 649 Harper Joy Road, $165,000, 06/05/19

Jon P. and April C. Amason, JA Davis, 207 Brushfire Drive, $155,000, 06/05/19

Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, Shane S. Powell, 1006 Post Oak Drive, $5,500, 06/05/19

Amanda Lynn LaGoy Mashburn, Rodney Brian Davis, 214 Begonia Drive, Taylor, $113,900, 06/05/19

Thomas M. Hagan, James Gregory Fitch, 209 Fox Hollow Way, $219,000, 06/05/19

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust, 1605 N. Cherokee Ave., $103,200, 06/05/19

Estate of David G. Wehrly, Walter E. Toombs, 200 Darlington Circle, $125,000, 06/05/19

Rhonda Ramsey Webb, Matthew Lee Houston, 111 Pine Tree Drive, $250,000, 06/05/19

Branch Banking and Trust Company, Martiro Holdings LLC, 2900 Lonsdale Drive, $63,501, 06/05/19

Steven L. Guess and Anna L. Guess, Robert Gallardo and Caroline Gallardo, 207 Craftsman Drive, $222,500, 06/05/19

Jesse R. Taylor and Brittany Taylor, Leslie Warden, 103 Clancy Court, $190,000, 06/05/19

Kyle R. Watford and Alison Watford, Chad Hodges and Mary T. Hodges, 13355 E. U.S. Highway 84, Ashford, $115,000, 06/05/19

Cesar Gonzalez and Natalie N. Gonzalez, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 390 Woodham Road, Headland, $176,320, 06/05/19

Emily Stewart and Kelly Rumley Ford, Kimberly D. Sanders, 320 Brushfire Drive, $135,000, 06/05/19

Kenneth B. Walker and Temekia D. Walker, 3G Construction LLC, Lot 10, Block B Fellows Crossing, Avon, $17,500, 06/05/19

Riley J. Andrews and Robyn A. Andrews, Charles L. Raab, 1400 Northfield Circle, $129,900, 06/05/19

Fannie Mae, Billy Holmes, 1451 3 rd Ave., $40,000, 06/06/19

Marcella S. West and Carolyn A. West, Marks Brothers Development LLC and Slam Dunk Capital LLC, Lot 4, Block A of a corrective plat of “Westbrook Retail” Subdivision, $619,000, 06/06/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, The Garrison Trust, 412 Drake Drive, $208,300, 06/06/19

Ronna Dykes a/k/a Rona Dykes, ADJ Real Estate Group LLC, 102 Radford Circle, $88,000, 06/06/19

Chun H. Chen, City of Dothan, .05 acres on Denton Road, $7,500, 06/06/19

Everett Construction Company Inc., Kyle David Cumbie and Kylee Harrell Cumbie, 139 Mikado Drive, $110,000, 06/06/19

Joseph E. Bearry, Wesley C. Andrews and Elizabeth J. Andrews, 3581 Jordan Ave., Cowarts, $78,900, 06/06/19

Ethel Simpler, Mike Lesko, 402 Massee Drive, $75,000, 06/06/19

Lori E. Baldwin n/k/a Lori B. Kirkland and Jason Evan Kirkland, Matthew Douglas King and Maria Lafleur King, 200 Gwinnett Place, $163,000, 06/06/19

Theodore A. Folsom and I. Kim Folsom, Richard Kilpatrick and Christina R. Kilpatrick, 113 Tablerock Court, $268,000, 06/06/19

Estate of Ralph Clark Dawsey, Shawn W. Bosch, 245 Dawsey Road, $307,500, 06/06/19

Jennifer Vann Rowland, Bryan Wiggins, 6.876 acres on Old Webb Road, Webb, $28,000, 06/06/19

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