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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Private Holdings LLC, Carmichael Investments or Properties, 1207 Robbins St., $39,900, 06/10/19

Darley Enterprises LLC, Tirth Investment Group LLC, 3684 S. Park Ave., $80,000, 06/10/19

Ina Pennie Smith, personal representative of Estate of Charles Edward Smith, Jimmy Ray Smith and S. Elizabeth Jordan, Jared B. Forrester, 67.8 acres, Nuclear Road and North County Road 75, Columbia, $160,000, 06/10/19

Maxwell E. Hawker, Hawker Investments LLC, 1204 S. Bell St., $33,350, 06/10/19

Alice L. Yoakam, Donna W. West and Billy D. Wells, 223 W. Crawford St., $7,000, 06/10/19

Amy Dove Short, Karen L. Pitman, 1010 Orchard Circle, $359,700, 06/10/19

Catherine Brackins, Gerald H. Morgan, 1754 Hopkins Road, Webb, $50,000, 06/10/19

Steve Hodge Building & Development LLC, SMB Land LLC, n/a Proposed Lots 1-12, Bear Creek Estates Phase I, $174,000, 06/10/19

Treads Leasing LLC, SMB Land LLC, n/a Proposed Lots 1-12, Bear Creek Estates Phase I, $174,000, 06/10/19

MidFirst Bank, MidFirst Bank, 1210 Petty St., $34,200, 06/10/19

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Edwin R. Algarin, 1005 Southland Drive, $55,000, 06/10/19

MidFirst Bank, MidFirst Bank, 356 Phillips Road, Cottonwood, $93,480, 06/10/19

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, 405 E. Southport St., $23,280.16, 06/10/19

Jana King Rice, Matthew Crump and Susan Crump, 115 Orchard Circle, $197,000, 06/10/19

PHH Mortgage Corporation, PHH Mortgage Corporation, 98 Fleetside Court, $70,181.75, 06/10/19

Applefield One Family Limited Partnership and Apple Air Limited Partnership, Robert Dickens and Betty Dickens, 2330 Montgomery Highway, $385,000, 06/10/19

Sarah Romano, Azucena Yanez, 101 Hillside Drive, $20,000, 06/10/19

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Alice A. Bonar, 405 Connelly St., $64,000, 06/10/19

Dick’s Rentals LLC, Jambria Register, 107 Garland St., $8,500, 06/10/19

James R. Weeks and Brenda K. Weeks, Eddie Lee Chamblin and MaryJane Chamblin, 6540 N. County Road 55, Ashford, $30,000, 06/10/19

Angie Kinsaul and Thomas Trupia, Niki Keys Baker and Jarrod D. Brown, 101 Lily Trace, $125,000, 06/10/19

Brian L. Jacobson and Jennifer R. Jacobson, Penelope W. Jones and David B. Jones, 301 Kirksey Drive, $399,900, 06/10/19

James David Wade, Dhirenkumar Patel, 1500 Denton Road, $60,000, 06/11/19

Wade Thomley and Melissa Thomley, Joseph R. Sutton, 0 Adkinson Road, Newton, $9,000, 06/11/19

Sally Avant a/k/a Sally Jean Williams Avant, Steven D. Shaw Jr. and Katherine Deighton Shaw, 704 S. Orange Ave., $135,000, 06/11/19

Ramona Denese Culbreth, Estate of Beulah Bond, Dhirenkumar Patel, 1219 Sturgeon Court, $55,000, 06/11/19

Crystal Whaley, Beckie Donaldson, 213 Veritas Drive, $268,000, 06/11/19

James R. Dailey Jr., Ashley L. Harlow, 807 Gonzales Drive, $153,000, 06/11/19

Donna F. Parrish a/k/a Sarah Donna Parrish, Jimmy R. Strickland and Janice W. Strickland, 3 acres, Ben Ivey Road, $10,000, 06/11/19

Matthew Houston, Louis J. Cameron Jr., 2323 W. Main St., Ste. 101 and 119, $100,000, 06/11/19

Shannon Crawford and Susan Crawford, Michael J. Bailey, 125 Woodcreek Drive, $140,000, 06/11/19

Rent It LLC, Donna Beckmann and Richard Beckmann, 654 Pleasant Grove Road, Ashford, $112,000, 06/11/19

Dynamic Developments LLC, Blue Deese Construction Co. Inc., 2284 Jordan Ave., Cowarts, $15,000, 06/11/19

Blue Deese Construction Co. Inc., Nikolaj Zandvliet, 2284 Jordan Ave., Cowarts, $115,000, 06/11/19

Everett Construction Company Inc., Robert A. Moore Jr. and Alexis D. Ellis, 230 Blazer Drive, Kinsey, $116,900, 06/11/19

Chad Dean Construction Inc., Jarrod W. Strickland and Amanda D. Strickland, 12499 S. County Road 33, Cottonwood, $213,500, 06/11/19

Brannon Heape and Brynne Heape, Ashley Grissette Hodgdon and Robert Earl Hodgdon II, 100 Meadowview Drive, Midland City, $367,500, 06/11/19

Timothy M. Williams, Ricky Jenkins and Tiffany Jenkins, 316 Partridge Lane, $190,000, 06/12/19

Mary Alice Pitchford, Houston County, parcel at Taylor Road and Campbellton Highway, $2,165, 06/12/19

Charles Phillip Turner and Lundi Lyn Kirby Turner, Amanda Wiltfong, 2638 Jordan Ave., Cowarts, $127,900, 06/12/19

Carolyn L. Barnette, William Joseph Ray Miller and Sable Elaine Miller, 90 Windwood Road, $238,000, 06/12/19

Delayna K. Nave, Andrew Hunter Wright and Nealy Delanie Hatcher, 506 Landview Drive, Taylor, $116,000, 06/12/19

James F. Campbell and Patricia K. Campbell, William H. Robinson, 219 Folsom Road, $175,000, 06/12/19

Richard J. Hughes and Elizabeth Kay Hayden, Benjamin Caleb Whitfield, 802 Owens St., $90,000, 06/12/19

Dan J. Robbins and Cynthia L. Robbins, Roy Patrick Russ, 508 Church St., $112,000, 06/12/19

Rehobeth Volunteer & Rescue Department, Benco LLC, Coleman Road, $27,800, 06/12/19

E&S Inc., Wiregrass Construction Company Inc., 1830 Hartford Highway, $925,000, 06/12/19

Steven D. Norris and Donna K. Reese and Felicia C. Hardy, Andrea Bowen and William Metcalf, 5426 County Road 203, $90,000, 06/12/19

Braxton Jarrell Chitty and Kianna Morgan Chitty, Patrick John Wurst and Sondra Dee Wurst, 214 Lace Drive, $152,000, 06/12/19

Rick Weber, Rhoda Weber and Sydney Weber, Jack P. Krystyn and Amy L. Krystyn, 519 Orchard Circle, $235,000, 06/12/19

Emily J. Newbury, Patricia Ann Hagan, 804 San Juan Court, $152,000, 06/12/19

Patricia Ann Hagan, Dennis R. Horner and Maria T. Horner, 109 Barnwell Lane, $315,000, 06/12/19

Ronald M. Givens and Peggy J. Givens, William M. Collins III and Olga Collins, 1303 Circleview Drive, $93,000, 06/12/19

David Jenkins and Debbie Branson, D & B Farms Inc., 604 W. Roxbury Road, $111,000, 06/13/19

William Lawrence Durden et al, Vicki A. Munn and Sherri J. Davis, 109 Camberly Court, $169,000, 06/13/19

Neva M. Acevedo, AD&D LLC, 102 Coventry, $123,000, 06/13/19

Lisa Wilson, Danielle Hatfield Loukinas et al, 2552 Glen Lawrence Road, Cowarts, $225,000, 06/13/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Janice S. Rupert and Janet A. Williams, 103 Anthem Ave., $243,491.37, 06/13/19

Amy Sanderson Bonner, administrator of the Estate of Jason F. Bonner, Jack Hinnen and Cheryl Hinnen, 120 Falkirk Drive, $271,500, 06/13/19

Grace E. Chappell and Bobby Chappell, USDA Rural Development, 556 Creek Church Road, Pansey, $19,873, 06/13/19

Joel M. Whitman and Erin C. Whitman, USDA Rural Development, 194 E. Fain St., Cowarts, $14,609, 06/13/19

Teri Jo Godwin AKA Teri Jo Goff and Douglas Goff, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 600 Pate St., Ashford, $41,552.07, 06/13/19

Nathan A. Barr and Stephanie A. Barr, Emory Lane Shepard and Rachel Nicole Shepard, 3502 Huntington Place, $244,000, 06/13/19

Clint Shelley and Eric McKean, Chad Dean Construction Inc., 14.932 acres, Eddins Road, $97,058, 06/13/19

Angela M. Watson, FAEC f/b/o Mikell D. Abney, 229 Spyglass Road, $127,500, 06/13/19

King’s Crossing LLC, Alpine Development LLC, 129 Olaff Road, Cowarts, $20,000, 06/13/19

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