real estate transactions 4

Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Barry Fortner and Terri L. Fortner, Joel S. Davidson and Mary Alisha Davison, 229 Lincolnshire Way, $535,000, 03/18/19

Micah C. Brown and Brittney Brown, Dorothy E. Wilson, 1606 Haisten Drive, $160,000, 03/18/19

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 1605 N. Cherokee Ave., $90,000, 03/18/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Wells Fargo Bank N.A., 203 Church St., Ashford, $37,240, 03/18/19

Parker & Parker II LLC, Jeffrey Abrego, 127 Jules Lane, Ashford, $130,900, 03/18/19

Daniel O. Hussey and Linda C. Hussey, Ronnie E. Forehand and Jean C. Forehand, 135 Sandbed Road, Newton, $100,000, 03/18/19

Tom A. West, Devaul and Telon Blackmon, 310 Telluride Lane, Midland City, $181,000, 03/18/19

LBJ Investments LLC and Mary F. Walker, Kriser Homes South Inc., 5.467 acres on Battles Road, $60,000, 03/18/19

Yvonne Beachem, John Robert McWilliams, 223 Maplecliff Drive, $162,500, 03/18/19

Jennifer L. Riley, LBJ Investments LLC and Mary F. Walker, 315 Branton Road, $58,452, 03/18/19

Robert Craig Kinsey and Joyce Ann Kinsey, Paul Lambi and Rose Lambi, 103 Arcadia Drive, $153,000, 03/18/19

Mallory A. Benak, Carolina Torres Nieves, 1815 State Highway 109, $108,000, 03/18/19

Linda K. Bancroft, Daniel Paul Carriger, 115 Tree Crest Road, $108,500, 03/18/19

U.S. Bank N.A., Gilbert Construction Co. Inc., 307 Taurus Circle, $41,501, 03/18/19

Aimee Cobb Smith, Alpine Development LLC, Lot 15, Block B, Oak Ridge Subdivision, $35,000, 03/18/19

Aimee Cobb Smith, Alpine Development LLC, Lot 16, Block B, Oak Ridge Subdivision, $35,000, 03/18/19

Joshua McKenzie, Brittany Holden and Billy Holden III, 30 Creek St., Ashford, $105,000, 03/18/19

Nikki A. Thomasson, Jonathan Andrew Anderson, 164 Radford Circle, $94,500, 03/18/19

Allyn W. Cramer and Robin A. Cramer, William Alexander Christian Jr. and Elizabeth Noel Christian, 1205 Cambridge Road, $377,000, 03/18/19

Cassaundra G. Whitt, Lee Whitman and Susan Whitman, 1025 Summit St., $21,751, 03/19/19

Hubert J. Barnes, Carmichael Investments or Properties LLC, 1209 Petty St., $41,000, 03/19/19

Nelda Hughes, Scott E. Thompson and Renee B. Thompson, 104 Copper Court, Midland City, $150,000, 03/19/19

MCS Investments LLC, Randall Roland, 87.13 acres +/-, Jordan Avenue and Husky Road, $217,825, 03/19/19

Terry Lynn Chandler, Tammy Miller and Charles Richard Chandler, Tammy Miller, 1903 Westover Drive, $90,000, 03/19/19

Sarah Dianne Webb and Grady Steven Dooling, Danny W. Bright, 177 Hadden Road, $99,000, 03/19/19

James E. English and Michelle D. English, James R. Coe and Judith G. Coe, 129-4 Hidden Creek Circle, $250,000, 03/19/19

Dian Lee and Lisa Turner, Christopher McBride, 122 Frith Hill Road, Ashford, $19,000, 03/19/19

Chad Dean Construction Inc., Lucas Monahan and Mallory A. Benak, 1815 S. State Highway 109, $244,000, 03/19/19

Everett Construction Company Inc., Jamar R. James, 111 Mikado Drive, $114,900, 03/19/19

Janet B. Beauchamp, Michelle T. Enfinger, Terry R. Enfinger, Sidney M. Tucker and Anita R. Tucker, 3135 S. County Road 9, Newton, $120,000, 03/19/19

The Estate of Elizabeth Garie Keyton, Brian W. Gothard, 512 N. Englewood Ave., $156,000, 03/19/19

Patrick Negard and Emily L. Negard, Charles M. Davis, 3800 Heatherbrook Place, $201,000, 03/19/19

John Michael Key and Heather Key, Robert D. Bellingrath and Lisa M. Bellingrath, 1050 Power Dam Road, Newton, $36,500, 03/20/19

Mary C. Johnson, Margarita Valera Alvarez, 212 N. Herring St., $20,000, 03/20/19

Wyatt Glenn Peeples, Susiebell Peeples, Lunamond and Melissa Peeples Shiver, Jennifer Ann Wyatt, 1285 Watson Bridge Road, $100, 03/20/19

James Richard Choate and Cheryl Grantham Choate, Louis M. Simera, 700 Orchard Circle, $230,000, 03/20/19

Jean M. Cirulli, Travis L. Plummer and Janna W. Plummer, 2007 Rosedale Terrace, $120,000, 03/20/19

Suter Corporation Inc., Corey Kriser, 127 Shield Court, $21,760, 03/20/19

Jimmy Watford, James Grant Realty Inc., 1701 Fairmont St., $98,600, 03/20/19

Gary Hall, Frog & Nickel LLC, 3113 Wesley Way, $175,000, 03/20/19

Alison M. Hagar n/k/a Alison M. Chavis and Robert J. Chavis, Jason W. Kinney II and Kristin Kinney, 125 Patriot Place, $208,000, 03/20/19

Thomas McKenney and Silke McKenny, Mark F. Strassburg and Sonya M. Strassburg, 405 Cypressglade Lane, Midland City, $395,000, 03/20/19

Rural Housing Service, Miguel Otero, 732 Jester Court, Cowarts, $89,500, 03/20/19

Thomas William Wos and Lisa Renea Wos, trustees of Thomas and Lisa Wos Living Trust, Rafael Devon Tyrues, 102 Sardis Court, $229,900, 03/20/19

Estate of Russell Lane Jones, deceased, and Dr. Russell L. Jones LLC, G.R. Rogers LLC, 200 Grove Park Lane, Suite 212, $278,500, 03/20/19

Joy B. Murrah, Justin D. Bass, Shay Johnson and Carman Strickland, Gregory D. Drescher Jr., 109 Oscar Godwin Road, $155,000, 03/20/19

Carole Swisher, Wells Fargo N.A., 747 Metcalf St., Cottonwood, $10,591.90, 03/21/19

APCO Employees Credit Union, Lee and Susan Whitman, 902 Glenwood St., $43,282, 03/21/19

Cindy Williams, Carolyn West and trustee of West Family Trust, 304 Cumberland Drive, $77,500, 03/21/19

David Mauldin, Isabella Maxine Warren, 1164 Sandbed Road, Newton, $182,900, 03/21/19

Lisa A. Nichols Woodham and William Kenneth Woodham II, Tracy Michelle Green, 102 Hidden Sunset Drive, $110,500, 03/21/19

Home Oil Company Inc., O’Reilly Automotive Stores Inc., U.S. Highway 84 and North Broadway, Ashford, $250,000, 03/21/19

Nancy A. Norris, Joe D. Aplin and Mary R. Aplin, 102 Kirkwood Drive, $226,000, 03/21/19

Donald R. Byars and Monica S. Byars, Richard B. Whybrew, 102 Berkeley Way, $287,000, 03/21/19

Christopher Martin Everett and Hailey Locklin Everett, Dustin Wyatt Fortson and Kayla Brooke Fortson, 231 Lace Drive, $165,000, 03/21/19

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