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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 2616 Creekwood Drive, $74,480, 05/28/19

U.S. Bank National Association, U.S. Bank National Association, 3119 Clayborne Drive, $82,672.26, 05/28/19

Jessica M. Cole, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 2410 Glen Haven Drive, $47,120, 05/28/19

N.W. May, Tony Peters, 222 Dempsey Court, $19,000, 05/28/19

Greg or Cindy Smith, Jesse or Elinor Ward, 531 Cobb Road, $6,000, 05/28/19

Joseph B. Scarborough and Shelley Scarborough, Carol B. Ethridge, 123 Muirfield Lane, $199,000, 05/28/19

David B. Pearce and Lee N. Pearce, Loren K. Johnson and Holly Pearce Johnson, 802 San Juan Court, $174,000, 05/28/19

Terravia Construction LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 180 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 05/28/19

Richard Allen Strickland a/ka/ Allen Strickland, and Gina Nicole Strickland, Branch Banking and Trust Company, 938 E. Selma St., $26,727.33, 05/28/19

Chad Dean Development LLC, Otero Farms LLC, Lot 10 and 11 Eddins Road, Ryma Hills Phase I, $50,000, 05/28/19

David William Jacobs and Rosemarie Jacobs, Jam Sessions Investments LLC, 1434 W. Selma St., $47,500, 05/28/19

Mike McDonald and Lauren McDonald, Steven J. Larmay and Daniela Melanie Von Entress-Larmay, 303 Glencoe Way, $400,000, 05/28/19

Dick’s Rentals LLC, Jambira Register, 107 Garland St., $10,000, 05/28/19

Brewer Construction Inc., Daniel Lasal, 108 Inalaura Court, $198,000, 05/28/19

Blissett Builders Inc., Charles Lybrand and Janice Lybrand, 201 Orleans St., $450,195, 05/28/19

Estate of Floyd Wayne Tew, Sara Bruton and Edwin Tew, Richard Merritt and Gwen Merritt, 305 Sequoyah Drive, $80,000, 05/28/19

Scott D. Riley and Carla B. Riley, Eric Paul Smith, 1115 Strathmore Ave., $170,000, 05/28/19

David Brandon Capps, Joshua Wade Storm and Christen King Storm, 6.46 acres, Hooper Cherry Road, $45,000, 05/28/19

Most Reverend Thomas J. Rodi, Archbishop of Mobile, Robert Smith Cleveland and Kathy B. Cleveland, 604 Westbrook Road, $320,000, 05/28/19

Debra Ann Clark, Martin S. Tillery, 1104 N. Pontiac Ave., $120,000, 05/28/19

Michael E. Lovett a/k/a Michael Eugene Lovett, Gary R. Winckel and Carolyn M. Fox, 103 Heron Way, $775,000, 05/29/19

Andrew L. Sawyer and Kristine C. Sawyer, Coleman Ross Medina and Laura Kathryn Medina, 811 Liveoak Trail, $685,000, 05/29/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Dewey James Tillman Jr. and Tara Maria Tillman, 111 Litchfield Drive, $239,500, 05/29/19

Maria I. Alonso, Virginia Davis, 115 Legends Court, $157,500, 05/29/19

Gregory A. Vinson and Pamela A. Vinson, Marah E. Morris, 236 Bob Hall Road, $125,000, 05/29/19

Susannah C. Daughtry, Sara Campbell and Brittan Campbell, 604 Royal Parkway, $480,000, 05/29/19

Sarah T. Brown and Ryan Thomas Brown, Ryley Snell, 205 Paul Revere Run, $162,000, 05/29/19

Travis D. Hand, JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, 203 Begonia Drive, Taylor, $64,610, 05/30/19

H. Timothy Walker and Mark Stevens, Doris Klos-Violette, 2310 S. Brannon Stand Road, $105,000, 05/30/19

Ameris Bank, Suzanne Ivorine Wynter, 1109 Cabot St., $12,500, 05/30/19

Chris Brishke and Ashley Brishke, Dhirenkumar Patel, 664 Headland Ave., $46,000, 05/30/19

Milton D. Buckhaulter and Helen Buckhaulter, Oona Neal Adkins, 5592 E. State Highway 52, Webb, $89,000, 05/30/19

Clayton D. English and Racheal D. English, Tara J. Whaley, 1801 Haisten Drive, $88,000, 05/30/19

Rent It LLC, George R. Jeffcoat and Glorida Thomas Jeffcoat, 1.5 acres on County Road 8, Pansey, $5,000, 05/30/19

Charles Lynwood Sellers, Martiro Holdings LLC, 705 Willow Court, $61,000, 05/30/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Elbert Louis IIC and Felee Feneice Mosley, 321 Firefly Court, Rehobeth, $206,500, 05/30/19

Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, Matthew Calhoun and Amy Calhoun, 301 Fairway Drive, $155,000, 05/30/19

Eddie R. Hunt, City of Dothan, .03 acres on 2658 Denton Road, $2,100, 05/30/19

Mitchell Roach and Vivian Roach, Spencer Evenhuis and Melinda D. Evenhuis, 610 Baywood Drive, $157,300, 05/30/19

Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, James Long, 1117 N. Cherry St., $500, 05/30/19

Derrick Tyler Hicks and April L. Hicks, Tyawan Fields, 2111 Stonebridge Road, $142,000, 05/30/19

Tholy Construction Inc., Charles E. Burns, 110 Bethel Road, Headland, $57,000, 05/30/19

Ethell T. Barker, Faron Martin and Gloria Martin, 351 Darlington Circle, $121,000, 05/30/19

Derick A. Creekmore and Elizabeth B. Creekmore, Allison Flowers, 104 Sawtooth Drive, $180,000, 05/30/19

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