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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

William C. Carn III, bankruptcy trustee for James Walter Loftin and Melinda H. Loftin, Ryan York and Kaylie Pierce, 169 S. Park Ave., $150,000, 05/20/19

Susan A. Griffin, William Harry Bruce Jr., 242 Chloe Court, $185,000, 05/20/19

Myra V. Oliver, Susan A. Griffin, 203 Azalea Terrace, $142,000, 05/20/19

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corporation, Lot 6B, Lot 4F, Lot 21D, Pine Lake Subdivision, $68,875, 05/20/19

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corporation, Lot 30B, Lot 35B, Lot 48B, Lot 1C, Lot 2C, Lot 11C, Lot 12C, Lot 2D, Lot 6D, Hidden Lake East Subdivision First Addition, $389,975, 05/20/19

Anna Marie Copeland, Ashley Copeland, 3210 Willow Creek Road, $125,100, 05/20/19

COMM 2014-CCRE17 GM Dothan LLC, Five Star Credit Union, 5105 Montgomery Highway, $4,000,000, 05/20/19

Sherry Joann Thomley, William D. Martinson, 112 Jester St., Cowarts, $25,000, 05/20/19

Stephen J. Gorman, Jacob A. Carmichael, 312 W. Wilson St., $55,000, 05/20/19

River Road Investments LLC, Brandon and Heather Lee, Lot 1 on Roy Martin Road, $18,000, 05/20/19

Linda Kelley Merrill, Haley Leanne Worley and Shon Markus Worley, 110 Wellston Court, $153,500, 05/20/19

Callie A. Davidson and Selina Davidson, Gilbert Construction Company Inc., 101 Buckhead Drive, Headland, $300,000, 05/20/19

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Marcus C. Harris, 107 Pioneer Trail, $157,000, 05/20/19

Estate of Patricia H. Hopkins, John W. King Jr. and Jacqueline H. King, 0 Bruner Mill Road, Ashford, $43,236, 05/20/19

Dongbin Im, Melissa Whitman, 110 Sundance Lane, Midland City, $135,000, 05/20/19

Pamela Hawkins AKA Paemlia Hawkins, U.S. Bank National Association, 3317 Granberry Drive, $84,237.66, 05/21/19

Junior Ready and Betty Ready, Scotty Bale Owens, 144 Ready Road, $23,000, 05/21/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Syed Soheb Fatmi, 100 Yarmouth Court, $209,400, 05/21/19

Mark D. Bonner, Ketchum Enterprises LLC, 045 acres off Sandbed Road, Newton, $10,000, 05/21/19

Ronald G. Churchwell and Mary B. Churchwell, Betty Wohlwend and John F. Wohlwend, 305 Pepperidge Road, $178,800, 05/21/19

Ketchum Enterprises LLC, Cady A. Evans and Dylan T. O’Kraski, 591 Sandbed Road, Newton, $241,000, 05/21/19

Regions Bank, Pitzing Properties LLC, 1006 S. Oates St., $43,000, 05/21/19

Tom West Company Inc., Austin D. Moore and Mallory D. Moore, 323 Telluride Lane, Midland City, $193,400, 05/21/19

Laytonya L. Dorsey AKA Latonya L. Dorsey, PeoplesSouth Bank, 2101 Lake St., $20,653.05, 05/21/19

Steven Charles Edwards Jr., Ryne M. Andrews and Bethany L. Andrews, 770 Roy Martin Road, $27,000, 05/21/19

Mitchell Weaver and Lillian Weaver, Thomas Jerry McRory and Romella McRory, 0 Gus Love Road, $155,000, 05/21/19

David Glover, Simon M. Whitman, 1206 Southland Drive, $8,000, 05/21/19

USDA, Judah Lee Whitman, 813 Landview Drive, $25,000, 05/21/19

David Matthew Lipton and Casey Jane Lipton, Michelle P. Stephenson, 326 Redbud Circle, $255,000, 05/21/19

J.T. Lewis and Debbie Lewis, Cordesia Pride, 92 Elm St., Cottonwood, $119,000, 05/21/19

Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, and Mark H. Baxley, Dianna Armstrong, 221 El Camino Drive, Kinsey, $8,600, 05/21/19

Raymond Sutkowski, Ashley Clark Matthews and Natalie A. Matthews, 206 Lincolnshire Way, $480,000, 05/22/19

Kenneth L. McGill aka Kenneth Larry McGill, Adam Meuli, 2323 W. Main St., $91,500, 05/22/19

Karen Thomas Etheredge, Ashley Hood, 502 Roosevelt Drive, $100,000, 05/22/19

William D. Hewitt Jr. and Sydney S. Hewitt, W. Collins White and Jessica Byrd White, 407 Forsythia Lane, $335,000, 05/22/19

Michael A. Tucker and Donna B. Tucker, Devon Brown and Kevin C. Brown, 670 Joe Cook St., Cottonwood, $21,000, 05/22/19

John H. Watson, David Mauldin, 125 Sandpiper Lane, $16,000, 05/22/19

Ramona Miley, Desiree Eve Puertos, 410 Madison Ave., $100,000, 05/22/19

John Paul Kelley and Fred Helms, Wayne Brackin, 82 +/- acres, Singletary Road, Rehobeth, $210,000, 05/22/19

Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, and William Charles Rudolph, Gary Maybin Jr., Lot 13 Block G, Harmondale Subdivision, $159.55, 05/22/19

Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, Gary Maybin Jr., parcel, $935.27, 05/22/19

Michael Lee Parsons, Helen Mary Parsons and Michael Allen Parson, Ronnie Williams and Carmen Yvette Williams, 127 Waldo Meadows Road, Cottonwood, $2,200, 05/22/19

Jeremy M. Zielanski and Tracy L. Zielanski, Calvin Fenn and Christina M. Mathis, 106 Arcadia Drive, $166,500, 05/22/19

Bolin Special Trust, Daniel Lewis Clark and Barbara Elliott Clark, John Week Box and Gloria McGowan, 3785 S. Park Road, Slocomb, $356,804, 05/22/19

Bolin Special Trust, Daniel Lewis Clark and Barbara Elliott Clark, John Weeks Box and Gloria McGowan, 3785 S. Park Road, Slocomb, $3,196, 05/22/19

Norman Kenneth Smith, Randell Brady Sanders and Sandra Christine Sanders, 1546 E. Selma St., $80,000, 05/22/19

Caleb Martin Mann and Barbara Jean Mann, Stefanie J. Harris, 1706 Myra St., $195,000, 05/22/19

James Edward Coker et al, Kriser Homes South Inc., 856 Woodland Drive, $65,000, 05/22/19

Helms Farms Inc., Jose Manuel Arriaga, 711 Harrison Road, $56,000, 05/22/19

Steve A. Evon Jr. et al, Roger Keith Jenkins et al, 114 Winterberry Road, $156,000, 05/22/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Joshua Steven Williams et al, 2260 County Line Road, $245,877, 05/22/19

Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011-1, South House LLC, 1605 N. Cherokee Ave., $85,500, 05/23/19

Jonathan J. Davidson and Stephanie Davidson, Quang Nguyen and Thao Nguyen, 104 Middlebury Court, $186,000, 05/23/19

Gail Marie Dwyer and Stephen Dwyer, Michael B. Lowe, 113 Prestwick Drive, $262,000, 05/23/19

D&J Enterprises LLC, Susan T. Whitmire, 126 Miami Drive, $96,500, 05/23/19

John F. Wohlwend and Betty Wohlwend, Brandon T. Moncriet and Anne M. Welk Moncrief, 117 Hardridge Lane, $136,000, 05/23/19

Patrick J. Molloy, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., 716 Dusy St., $6,218, 05/23/19

Matthew C. Hayes and Shannon Hayes, Joy B. Moseley, 1108 Deerpath Road, $135,000, 05/23/19

Donnie Edward Gibson, Gabriel Hall, 4.2 acres, Littlefield Road, Taylor, $52,500, 05/23/19

Mary Nell Paul and Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, Real Estate Services Inc., 1009 Blackshear St., $275, 05/23/19

Jerry V. Maddox T/S and Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, Real Estate Services Inc., 941 Chickasaw St., $760, 05/23/19

Mark H. Baxley and Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, Real Estate Services Inc., 503 N. Herring St., $825, 05/23/19

Doris Davis and Willie J. Davis and Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate, Real Estate Services Inc., 509 Atlanta St., $800, 05/23/19

Andrew Douglas Kosan and Brenda Darlene Kosan, Christopher Robin Hood, lot on Audubon Drive, $13,500, 05/23/19

Adam J. Haley and Mollie K. Haley, Teresa Nell Gilland and Harold Lewis Gilland, 123 Paul Revere Run, $183,000, 05/23/19

Dothan Seed and Supply Company Inc., Logistic Realty LLC, U.S. Highway 84 West, $200,000, 05/23/19

Angel Hands Home Care Corporation, City of Dothan, .05 acres on 2169 Denton Road, $12,750, 05/23/19

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