real estate transactions 4

Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Steven Powell and Ruth Rebecca Tanner, Ditech Financial LLC, 196 Selma St., Cottonwood, $64,800, 05/13/19

Thomas Brown and Xiaoyu Xaio, Joseph C. Bruer III and Kimberly N. Bruer, 445 State Highway 103, Newton, $196,000, 05/13/19

Jack Y. Pugh and Kay K. Pugh, Cord Properties LLC, 116 Sundance Lane, $125,000, 05/13/19

Joe and Gloria Dease, The Palm Group LLC, Number 207, Sun Plaza, U.S. Hwy. 231 North, $34,000, 05/13/19

Rural Housing Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Nathaniel Frazier, 218 Chevette Drive, $10,201.57, 05/13/19

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Jeffery E. Benton, 59 Cummings Circle, Ashford, $116,000, 05/14/19

Glenn Spann Spivey Sr., as trustee of the Marion Spann Spivey Revocable Trust, Jacob D. Walker and Leah B. Walker, 467 Woodland Drive, $250,000, 05/14/19

Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity, Freddie Aikens and Annie Aikens, 1222 Persimmon St., $65,500, 05/14/19

Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity, Robert Ward and Jacklyn Ward, 106 Idlett Court, $60,000, 05/14/19

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Maxwell E. Hawker, 1204 S. Bell St., $33,350, 05/14/19

Freeda Barron, Marilyn L. Allen and Rodney L. Allen, 109 Cumberland Drive, $100,000, 05/14/19

Joshua David Reeves and Nicole Braswell Reeves, John Jackson III and Jordan Jackson, 101 Boulder Drive, $243,000, 05/14/19

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Jason E. Wells and Belinda Michelle Herring, 172 Ridgecrest Loop, $278,591, 05/14/19

D&J Enterprises LLC, Malik Townsend, 504 Meadow Court, $96,000, 05/14/19

John P. Griffin, David V. Monteleone and Jessica G. Monteleone, 28 Baley Drive, $178,000, 05/14/19

F. Annette Fulford, Brian K. Pepiton and Marline L. Pepiton, 301 McArdle Road, Kinsey, $76,500, 05/14/19

Andrew Crowell, Aubrey Crowell and Melinda Crowell, Johnathan Ottavio and Sheva Bridges, 7335 E. U.S. Highway 84, Ashford, $130,000, 05/14/19

BMO Harris Bank N.A., Brandy Marie Bell, 128 Radford Circle, $69,900, 05/14/19

Jameson Properties LLC, Justin J. Brown and Rochelle Brown, 450 Choc Hills Road, $200,001, 05/14/19

Nadine Marley, Ali Meghani, 205 Bent Oak Drive, $40,000, 05/14/19

Brett Allan Haldi, James Horn and Lori Horn, 102 Spyglass Road, $145,000, 05/14/19

Quentin C. New and Francis G. New, American International Relocation Solutions LLC, 5352 W. State Highway 52, Taylor, $165,000, 05/14/19

American International Solutions LLC, Dennis K. Singletary and Linda Singletary, 5352 W. State Highway 52, Taylor, $165,000, 05/14/19

Stanley A. Goff Jr. and Wanda Jean Goff, Mary L. Hornsby, Lot 2, Block “C”, Grand Acres Subdivision, $102,000, 05/14/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Sharimar Colon Rodriguez, Lot 9, Block “C”, Hidden Lake East First Addition Subdivision, $257,000, 05/14/19

Renasant Bank, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 105 Lily Trace, $92,000, 05/14/19

Wise Development Company Inc., Delvick J. McKay and Lori H. Mckay, 114 Bridlewood Circle, $19,000, 05/14/19

John Foy Crawford, Mary Sue Sewell, Patricia Ann Strickland, Felicia Crawford Smith, Rhonda Gayle Hodges and Richard Allen Crawford, Rhonda Gayle Hodges, South State Highway 109, $300, 05/15/19

Joshua Glenn Parrish and Kelly Ann Parrish, Christopher Miranda and Amanda Mashburn, 108 Pioneer Trail, $185,000, 05/15/19

Matthew C. Goins and Bridget Goins, Daniel William Nibbe, 2045 Holland Road, Newton, $174,900, 05/15/19

Norma Jean Harris, Joseph Lee Whatley, Lott 55 in Block CC between Lane 5 and Lane 6 of the Dothan City Cemetery, $10,000, 05/15/19

Kriser Homes South, Sarah Miller, 413 Circleview Drive, $119,900, 05/15/19

Patrick James Hinckley and Cara B. Hinckley, Allison E. Jenkins, 400 Metropolitan Court, $98,000, 05/15/19

Tina Hurtado, Chad Butler and Danielle Butler, Ed Tolar Road, Pansey, $36,000, 05/15/19

John Gary Hall, Refugio Robles and Guadalupe Resendiz, 2967 Ross Clark Circle, $460,000, 05/15/19

GSMK Enterprises LLC, Christopher M. Lee and Lauren Lee, 346 S. SH 123, Newton, $260,000, 05/15/19

Keisha Braswell f/k/a Keisha Austin, Nicholas A. Long and Robin Long, 509 Mill Creek Circle, $140,000, 05/15/19

Franklin L. and Patricia A. McAliley, Franklin L. and Donna Trott, 122 Lucy Lane, $355,000, 05/15/19

McDaniel Properties LLC, Craig S. Pittman Jr. LLC, Whatley Drive, $110,000, 05/15/19

Virginia R. Hallford, Kriser Homes South Inc., 3033 S. County Road 9, Newton, $260,000, 05/15/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Jimmy and Brenda Hatfield, 117 Heyward Drive, $125,000, 05/15/19

Arthur L. Eversole, Heather Abraham and Valente Abraham San Juan, 2227 Jordon Ave., Cowarts, $125,000, 05/15/19

Thomas B. Leverette and Pamela G. Leverette, Zachary Lucas Johnson and Cynthia Ann Johnson, 150 Spring Hill Road, $282,000, 05/16/19

Deirdre D. Helms, Bobby Earle Searcy Jr. and Gina P. Searcy, 1900 Charlton Drive, $50,000, 05/16/19

Catharia Nell Murray, Jason H. Elmore and Kelly A. Elmore, 0 B J Mixon Road, Cottonwood, $50,000, 05/16/19

Wiregrass Gin Company LLC, 5-Lock Gin & Warehouse LLC, 905 W. Cook Road, $3,622,000, 05/16/19

Serah Hall, Tommy or Patsy Carter, Lot 7, Nathan’s Woods Subdivision, $4,000, 05/16/19

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