Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Compass Bank, Nathan John Mouery and Dawn Lorraine Mouery, 510 Hedstrom Drive, $63,000, 11/05/18

Harry Lauman Smith, Mary F. Walker, 5.467 acres at Battles Road, $39,401, 11/05/18

Pollard Investments and Construction LLC, Brent L. Jensen, 988 Windmill Road, Newton, $192,200, 11/05/18

Franklin Brooks Jr., Wayne Brooks, Phyllis Brooks and Delmar R. Brooks, Franklin Brooks Jr., 63 Brooks Drive, Cottonwood, $42,000, 11/05/18

Norma June Mims, Adam E. Parker and Stanley E. Parker, Gordon Williams Road, $76,225.60, 11/05/18

Solaris Home Inspections LLC, Mark Daniel Schlotthauer and Angela L. Schlotthauer, 1911 Northside Drive, $179,900, 11/05/18

Linda Johnson, Randy Ream and Darlene Ream, 1608 Hayne Drive, $117,000, 11/05/18

William David Davis and Vicki Wade Davis, James Scott Powell and Alyson Stephenson Powell, 120 Village Lane, $287,625, 11/05/18

Brian M. Epding and Stephanie L. Epding, Preston E. Fleshman and Tae S. Fleshman, 511 Orchard Circle, $190,000, 11/05/18

Tunesia Jackson, Bruce Walker, 107 Rosewood Drive, $169,000, 11/05/18

Kenneth Darren Stewart and Shanel H. Stewart, John J. Foster Jr. and Kathy K. Foster, 212 Stonegate Drive, $242,500, 11/05/18

Robert Allen Bellot and Anita Dean Bellor, Alex Randall Vinson and Tere Shea Vinson, 395 Southern Oak Drive, $228,500, 11/05/18

Janice C. Chadwick, Christopher Alan Mock and Meri Benford Mock, 6310 Glen Lawrence Road, Ashford, $200,000, 11/05/18

Vicki Jackson, Joseph Howard and Diane Howard, 45 Enon Road, Ashford, $168,000, 11/05/18

Dwain S. Bradshaw and Christine Bradshaw, Ashley Michelle Henry, 106 Whiffletree Way, $120,100, 11/05/18

Curtis Brent Shirah and Sarah Nealy Shirah, Summerford Land LLC, Enon Road, Ashford, $45,000, 11/05/18

Nancy B. Coates, Jara Rashad Black and Whitney Marie Black, 113 Brittany Drive, $165,000, 11/05/18

Clayton Joshua Smith and Christina L. Smith, Nathaniel A. Harrelson and Tabitha R. Harrelson, 3115 Gene Terry Road, Ashford, $139,900, 11/05/18

Jason Overstreet, Julie Elizabeth Sizemore, 114 Eastridge Drive, $164,000, 11/05/18

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Charles Weston Glover and Emily GW Glover, 410 Ridgeland Road, $180,963, 11/05/18

Malcom L. Senn Jr. and Janice W. Senn, James E. Carr and Donna E. Carr, 262 Folsom Road, $213,000, 11/05/18

Richard E. Crum and Allison M. Crum, City of Dothan, .14 acres on Brookside Drive, $4,250, 11/05/18

Deana E. Berude and Scott D. Berude, Abney Family Properties LLC, 202 Gwinnett Place, $153,000, 11/05/18

Damon Woodham and Chanetta Woodham, Jason Daniel Overstreet, 612 Frankfort Drive, $185,000, 11/05/18

Joan Seay and Wanda Kay Mattox f/k/a Wanda Kay Fortson, Jorge Luis Monteagudo Rumbaut and Leidys Hernandez Gonzalez, 1205 Bruce St., $62,000, 11/05/18

Jeremy A. Evett and Rachel K. Evett, Robert Jasper Chavis and Alison Chavis, 317 Holmes Road, Newton, $255,000, 11/05/18

NEEEXT! Investments LLC, KTP Properties LLC, 153 Tree Crest Road, $115,000, 11/06/18

Bruce G. Whitestone and Gloria Whitestone, Samuel H. Farnham and Eddie P. Farnham, 1504 Sioux St., $190,000, 11/06/18

Annie Hunter, Jefferson Brundidge, Carlotta Bailey and Carla Mitchell, Fredrick Kirkland, 114 9th Ave., Ashford, $30,000, 11/06/18

William M. Blount III, Jerrold J. Scharninghausen and Patricia C. Scharninghausen, 108 Ann Place, $455,000, 11/06/18

Pam Creel, Tyrone Davis, 761 Metcalf St., Cottonwood, $69,500, 11/06/18

Michael R. Lysenko and Victoria L. Lysenko, Florence Keefer, 109 Lakeside Drive, $163,500, 11/06/18

Blissett Builders Inc., Damon Woodham and Chanetta Woodham, 106 Laney Lane, $280,000, 11/06/18

E’Lisa Jackson, Jeffrey A. Donner, 2801 Evans Drive, $115,000, 11/06/18

Kathy Slavens and Donnie Smith, Patrick Smith and Rosetta M. Smith, 509 Mayo St., $91,000, 11/07/18

Charlie L. Martin III, Jeffrey W. Hall and Deborah A. Hall, 424 Orchard Circle, $172,000, 11/07/18

Rebecca A. Hart, Deborah Suzanne Hynes, 109 Westchester Drive, $87,500, 11/07/18

Sheila H. Fuller, Hope Whittle and Daniel Whittle, 66 Windham Court, $87,500, 11/07/18

Michael E. Wilkins, Tim Stevenson and Kerri Stevenson, 688 Earline Road, $125,000, 11/07/18

Fannie Mae, Bryan Bain, 1501 Warrick Ave., $77,000, 11/08/18

Estate of Johnny Mack Cureton, Nicholas W. Hall, 94 Eugene West Road, $50,000, 11/08/18

Clark Matthews, Richard Derek Snellgrove and Mark A. Snellgrove, 1000 Moss St., $35,000, 11/08/18

John J. and Kathy M. Calia, Kriser Homes South Inc., Lot 4 Block A Clubview, $10,000, 11/08/18

Otis W. Roney, Gerald C. Whitehead and Kay H. Whitehead, 206 Springview St., Columbia, $8,200, 11/08/18

Charles L. Norton and Carol J. Norton, Carrington Mortgage Solutions LLC, 1647 Iris Road, $39,200, 11/08/18

Lucas Bullard, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 1429 Cecil Varnum Road, $50,410, 11/08/18

Frances G. Middleton and Mary E. Middleton, Fermin Salmoran, 5 acres on Hooper Cherry Road, $17,100, 11/08/18

Stone Martin Builders LLC, James B. Champion and Lindsey Champion, 151 Ridgecrest Loop, $232,769, 11/08/18

Andrew Allen Farnham, Wayne Shipes, 5071 Stateline Road, Cottonwood, $10,000, 11/08/18

DDCU III LLC and Watson & Downs Investments LLC, Independent Investments LLC, 110 Healtheast Drive, $500,000, 11/08/18

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