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Houston County real estate transfers

Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Sean A. McBrearty, trustee of The Sean Anthony McBrearty Revocable Family Trust, David Benjamin Cosby, 318 Woodland Drive, $490,000, 11/25/19

U.S. Bank, Steve Glover, 120 Michigan Drive, $125,100, 11/25/19

The Estate of Claud L. Planchon, Robert A. Syfrett and Andre L. Syfrett, 2163 S. County Road 59, $213,535, 11/25/19

Glenda E. Williams, Ameris Bank, 406 Reid Drive, $53,000, 11/25/19

Terry L. Beverett, Regions Bank, 793 S. Saint Andrews St., $32,680, 11/25/19

J. Farrest Taylor, Hannah Taylor, 732 Paulk Road, $25,000, 11/25/19

Delta Kaye Spann, Tate Clark, 104 Grand Oaks Drive, $75,000, 11/25/19

William Doyle Knick Jr., Desmond Mangal and Dhanmattie Mangal, 317 Daniel Circle, $125,000, 11/25/19

MTGLQ Investors LP, G5 LLC, 107 Sycamore St., $55,000, 11/25/19

Paul Muller and Patricia Muller, Paul J. Muller II and Emily Muller, 1700 Haisten Drive, $170,000, 11/25/19

First National Bank of Hartford, Leah Brooke Walker and Jacob D. Walker, National Road, Rehobeth, $55,000, 11/25/19

Wade Kriser, James R. Brannon and June M. Brannon, 1164 Skipper Road, Rehobeth, $278,000, 11/25/19

Christopher Robin Hood, Kriser Homes South Inc., 402 Aububon Drive, $16,200, 11/25/19

Sheila Davis, Saul B. Harrell, 1111 Sumter St., $109,900, 11/25/19

Chasity McCullough and Jack R. Brewer III, April Denise and John Denver Perez, 5040 S. State Highway 605, $165,000, 11/25/19

Thomas J. O’Connor and Nanko O’Connor, William Joseph Stockton and Pamela Jean Stockton, 5119 S. Park Ave., $245,000, 11/25/19

Armeto C. Reynolds, Robert M. Elert Supplemental Needs Trust, 306 Orchard Circle, $255,000, 11/25/19

Jimmy Gay, Joshua L. Edwards, 907 S. Range St., 129 Shield Court, $39,000, 11/25/19

Lynn H. Shoupe and Johnathan R. Sullivan, Viola D. Works, 720 Parker St., $8,000, 11/25/19

Connie J. Newberry, William E. Ridlehoover Jr. and Pamela D. Ridlehoover, 106 Haddington Park Lane, $315,000, 11/25/19

Tommy L. Skeen and Jane C. Skeen, Keith G. Waldron, 129 Stillwood Road, $205,000, 11/25/19

Jessica Tharp Ezell and Morgan Keith Ezell, Andres E. Valenzuela, 114 Royal Orleans Court, $495,000, 11/25/19

David Clark Construction Inc., Morgan K. Ezell and Jessica T. Ezell, 201 Rylee Road, $290,275, 11/25/19

Matthew M. Lowlavar and Melissa G. Lowlavar, Justin L. Lowlavar, 109 Sunshine Lane, $167,500, 11/26/19

Abbie B. Dixon Davis f/k/a Abbie B. Dixon and Tyler N. Davis, John Ivar Wallin III and Faye Shaw Wallin, 2887 Harrison Road, $195,000, 11/26/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, James David Butterfield and Darcy Vann Butterfield, 211 Pepperridge Road, $183,864, 11/26/19

Charles Jefferson Bryant III and Lauren Lambert Bryant f/k/a Lauren Lambert, Charles F. Peacock, 1980 and 1962 Middleton Road, $176,200, 11/26/19

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 1959 S. County Road 9, Newton, $35,000, 11/26/19

Kay M. Williams, James Melvin Seawright and Heather Dan Yale Seawright, 100 Crooked Creek Drive, Ashford, $168,000, 11/26/19

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Jack Richard Brewer III, 1951 S. County Road 9, Newton, $234,434, 11/26/19

Nader S. Araj and Melinda K. Araj as Trustees of the Nader S. and Melinda K. Araj 2003 Trust, David R. Cornelius and Misty Y. Cornelius, 1816 Fairfield Drive, $43,000, 11/26/19

Jeffery Wayne Hayborn, individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Gracie A. Hayborn, Mary Elizabeth Worthy and Mary Allison Brady Ivey, Parisa Meghani, Hayborn Road, Webb, $235,000, 11/26/19

Barbara Ann Williams, Andrea Parker, M&B, $3,000, 11/26/19

Louis A. Burgess, Kathleen Frances Brown and David William Brown, 107 Cove Lane, $119,900, 11/26/19

Michael R. Pittman and Cassandra N. Newby, Glynn Estes Rogers Jr., TBD Holland Road, Newton, $26,000, 11/26/19

Louann Watkins, Michael J. Wilson, 107 Hampshire St., $210,000, 11/26/19

Lisa Goodman Bennett, Donna Ann Farmer, 219 Morning Glory Lane, $225,000, 11/26/19

Tom A. West III, Tom West Company, 312 Telluride Lane, Midland City, $30,000, 11/26/19

Deborah L. Nix, Olivia Joy Howell, 172 Candle Brook Drive, $126,000, 11/26/19

Wol Suk Simpkins, Saimara Soto and Abiezer Soto, 301 Mauldin Drive, $79,900, 11/26/19

Annie Copeland, Frances J. Bradshaw, 509 Collier St., $32,681.51, 11/27/19

Bobby Anne Gardner, Personal Representative of The Estate of James H. Lamb, Gerald Hartline and Cecilia Dolores Rossell, 0.10 acres +/- Highway 53, Cottonwood, $2,000, 11/27/19

Southern Home Builders LLC, Garrett L. Watson and Krista N. Watson, #20, Hilltop Road, Newton, $25,000, 11/27/19

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Federal National Mortgage Association, 6879 E. County Road 22, Headland, $68,300, 11/27/19

Jonathan Lane, Anibal Munoz and Amalia Munoz, 304 Drake Drive, $214,000, 11/27/19

Hugh Gregory Brown and Michele D. Brown, Joshua Gilley, 272 Scott Nursery Road, $87,500, 11/27/19

Deborah Miller, Loretta Gail Hodges, 454 Flournoy Moore Road, $39,900, 11/27/19

Estate of Phoebe Sue Harrell, William Chase Merritt and Cidney Peel Merritt, 3631 S. State Highway 605, $97,000, 11/27/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Tinh T. Pham and Dung Nguyen, 127 Litchfield Drive, $266,400, 11/27/19

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