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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Rent It LLC, 100 Mill Creek Rd., $91,200

Abbey Oaks Apartments, Dothan 80 Holdings LLC, 200 Blissett Dr., $2,600,000

Bradley Allen Bumgardner, Sheila Mackey, Lot 16, Eastgate subdivision, $38,000

Grace G. Howard, Nora Sprayberry, trustee, 1414 S. St. Andrews St., $64,300

Tonisha S. Hawley, Daniel A. Deighton, 5 Foxchase Dr., $610,000

Ciecierski Remodeling and Construction, Kayla Santiago and Arian Santiago, 128 Callowhill Court, $142,250

Joyce Baxley, Jonathan K. Smith and Chelsea P. Smith, 3625 Enon Rd., $106,500

Howard Henry Frank Battey and Cassandra Ellen Battey, Morgan Elaine Burnette and Corey Brandon Burnette, tract, approximately 5 acres, $18,700

Avadian Credit Union, Jackson Real Estate Investment LLC, 20 Peartree Circle, $38,000

Katherine T. Shiver, Brenda J. Shiver, four parcels, $224,400

Katherine T. Shiver, Brenda J. Shiver, one parcel, $271,200

Jacob Washofsky and Anne Callen Washofsky, Elmwood Management LLC, 115 Elmwood Dr., $130,800

Planet Home Lending LLC, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 124 Providence Rd., Slocomb

ATL Airport Village LLC, Bryan M. Applefield and Sheila Hawkins Applefield, 2757 Hartford Highway, $1,840,000

Gladys Key, Janice Butts, 4506 Glenn Lawrence Rd., $45,500

Diversified Real Estate Development, Tia Nacole Lehr and Douglas Paul Lehr, 170 Heyward Dr., $154,500

Florida Chavers, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 101 Covey Circle, $47,561.72

Patricia R. Hammonds, Justin Wayne Salster and Andrea Michele Salster, 1207 Dartmouth Dr., $149,900

Joseph A. Twiggs and Zan Q. Twiggs, Thomas H. Perry and Jamie H. Perry, 1107 Evergreen Ave., $214,000

William F. Ezell, Norman K. Williamson and Theresa B. Williamson, 1446 Blackman Rd., $166,000

Thomas H. Perry and Jamie H. Perry, Taurus M. Downie, 100 Bristol Ct., $164,500

Natalie D. Leach, Yvette L. Gurholt and Angeal Gurholt Frisinger, 409 Circleview Dr., $89,900

Sandra C. Murdock, Windy Burkett and Grover Lee Burkett, 406 6 th Ave., Ashford, $174,000

Daniel Lee Grantham, Robert William Oliver, 224 Dahlia Dr., Taylor, $120,000

Rodney Garvin and Marie Layton, Charles A. McKinlay, 17182 and 17186 U.S. 84 West, $195,840.44

Rural Housing Service, US Department of Agriculture, Aleigha Christyn Goss and Alizabeth Caitlin Goss, 930 Jester St., Cowarts, $80,000

Katheo L. Broomfield and Sedgwick D. Broomfield, LeKeishea Weaver, formerly known as LeKeishea Broomfield, 901 Linden St., $26,800

Dennis Alan Newton and Angela B. Newton, Zachary S. Petty and Amber W. Petty, 2503 Stonebridge Rd., $180,000

Daniel G. Lee and Doris O. Lee, Brandi N. Lee, Daniel G. Lee and Doris O. Lee, 1651 McCallister Rd., Slocomb, $2,000

Kenneth R. Mergl and Karlan J. Mergl, Bradley Steven Knight, 2503 Eddins Rd., $345,000

Orbie Devane Jr. and Patricia O. Devane, AEE Retail Corp., 2.010 acres on S. State Highway 109, $50,250

Jimmy Earl Gentle, Sandra A. Welch, 4240 Taylor Rd., Taylor, $23,000

Janis Gentle, Sandra A. Welch, 4240 Taylor Rd., Taylor, $23,000

John Kevin Granger, Charles Henry Brunson and Kathy Dukes Brunson, 4541 S. County Road 75, $280,000

Daniel P. Weigle, Donna Clemmons, 206 Huron Dr., $160,000

William E. Walker Jr. and Janice C. Moore, Vinaykumar Patel, 128 Thistlewood Dr., $120,000

Kriser Homes South Inc., David P. Vitty, 2803 Thorndale Place, $185,000

Patsy Hasty Burk and Larry Burk, William Seth Goree, 906 Deborah St., $32,000

Tara Hubbard Construction, Carey Watson Wiley and Gwendolyn Wiley, 1251 Hilltop Dr., Newton, $257,500

Charlotte Hanners, LaJuana Green, Fortner Street parcel, $130,700

Gloria C. Burke, representative of the estate of Winifred M. Capps, deceased, Joseph William LaBonte and Geraldine Sanders LaBonte, 3085 Jordan Ave., $110,000

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Jonathan Roth, 103 Litchfield Dr., $274,300

Glenda Faye and Ruell Everett Clark, Glenda Faye and Ruell Everett Clark, William E. Clark and Dana Seay, 1273 Clayton Rd., $124,000

John Allen Maddox and Brenda Lee Maddox, Natalie Dianne Leach and Michael Shane Ewing Jr., 323 Camberly Ct., $217,000

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